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  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 1:27 am on May 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Your small business needs a vision with … 

    Your small business needs a vision with strategic plans. Most companies and organizations need a vision and strategic plan, but few have it. Many business owners, ceo or management operate a business or project without any type of written plan. You need to ensure that your business has a written business plan and strategic plan. These two types of plans are completely different.

    Your company / organizational vision provides purpose, strategic direction, motivation, inspiration and alignment. Your vision is a short and inspiring statement of what your company intends to become and what to achieve at some point in the future. As long as your plans have been written, then that gives you a road map to follow and a reference guide to look back on. Following a strategic plan can put you on the road to success.

    Most companies and organizations need a vision and strategic plan, but few have one. If you don’t have one get started today!

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      One business manager should know what are those planning method that should be done in getting on the top of the economy. With the help of business management consultants, owners can already seek for their strategic plan to be able to produced its profit and success in the world of business.

    • Arminda Stickrath 5:32 am on January 26, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Its excellent as your other content : D, regards for posting . “I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it’s not a waste of time.” by Martha Stewart.

    • Jude Vanzant 12:38 am on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I was looking through some of your blog posts on this website and I think this web site is really instructive! Retain posting.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 12:43 am on April 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Improving Your Business Focus Is Top Priority 

    Improving your business focus should be one of your top priorities. There are so many things that can be said about your business focus. Such as improving your focus in your productivity, sales, management, finances etc… You must have a vision. Having a vision can help to start your focus in the right direction.

    You should develop a strategy with ways on how to maintain your business focus. You can start out by improving your thinking. You must be good at thinking with a strategic purpose and create a visioning process. Focus, vision and strategy are required for success in daily life and business.

    Develop a vision-focused innovation strategy. Develop a laser focus & try to minimize a scattered focus. For developing a laser focused frame of mind; make a chart or list of all the things that you need to do, then prioritize them from most important and most urgent to least important and least urgent. If you have someone working with you, work on better collaboration.

    A scattered focus is when you’re all over the place trying to do a million things at once. That’s when you have no organization and little to no collaboration in your business. You might be getting some things done but not as much as you’d like. Sometimes it’s not an organized fashion.

    Don’t be tempted to merely focus on large business projects. Seek out smaller ventures that will help you to improve on your business.  The key is to have a big picture, but start small. Many times that’s where strategic planning & organizing comes in handy. Take things one step at a time. Develop a list or chart of an organized strategy about how to maintain things in your projects or business, how to improve on collaboration, management of your business or projects etc…. Keep your list or chart close to you so that you can refer to it to keep you focused.

    Improving on your working environment such as office organization, collaboration, office efficiency, management, paying attention to what needs to be handled first and foremost can improve your focus in your business or projects in many ways.

    • tips 8:57 am on April 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Very good article ! Thanks !

    • Frank @ Merchant Loans 6:28 pm on April 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. I like your approach to concentrating on the smaller things which will hopefully result in a larger impact on your company.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 12:39 pm on April 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Frank,

        So many times many people in business want to just rush right into bigger & better things when they don’t concentrate on improving smaller aspects of business. Many times this can lead to being so overwhelmed with many things & you just lose sight of your main focus.

        ~Clerical Business Solutions
        Onshore outsourcing solutions provider in business office management
        helping you with subcontracting, overflow work, outsourcing from start-up through daily management.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 11:57 pm on April 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The strategic planning process is future… 

    The strategic planning process is future oriented and consists of visioning, creating a mission statement, gap analysis, environmental scans, trend analysis, strategy development & benchmarking. By knowing this lets you know that strategic planning IS for the small business. Similar to larger corporations but on a smaller scale. Strategic planning helps to produce lots of ideas and written action steps. So get started on your strategic plan today!

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 5:36 pm on April 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Put Some Fore-Thought Into Starting & Maintaining A Business 

    There’s a lot to starting and maintaining a business. Now you have some pre-thinking & preplanning to do. If it is a business that’s worth pursuing, then it’s going to take everything that you got (as far as energy, some money & time goes) mixed with a lot of innovation, motivation, planning, skills & support. The most important part is research and planning. Yes, it is true that at the beginning you might have setbacks & some failures but initial mistakes are not always fatal. Depending on your situation, sometimes you can recoup.

    To get things back in order & continue with the start-up phase might take  support, extra skill, discipline and hard work. Before just diving right into a new business venture or an additional one, do some preplanning, exploration and evaluation of your business & personal goals. Your preplanned research information can help you to build a comprehensive, well thought-out business plan that will help you reach these goals. A well developed business plan & strategic plan will force you to think through issues that you may not have considered before. It can also save you lots of time, money, setbacks & heartaches.

    Remember when starting out in business do a little strategic thinking, strategic planning, setting up a general business plan & a strategic plan. A strategic plan should not be confused with a business plan.

    A strategic plan is a shorter document defining how you’re going to manage the business that you already have, your business strategy, direction, marketing, decisions, capital, people, S.W.O.T analysis etc… on allocating resources to pursue this strategy.

    A business plan is a more substantial and detailed document about the business that you want to start, how to start it, goals, info on the team or business reaching these goals, why you can achieve these goals and the plan for reaching those goals.

    Your plans will become valuable tools & provide milestones to gauge your success as you embark upon your business adventures.

    ~~For Support With Your Strategic Or Business Planning and Office Management Support contact:

    Clerical Business Solutions: clericalbusinesssolutions@gmail.com

    Clerical Business Solutions (CBS) is a Virtual Business Assistance Company & Office Management Specialist, Providing assistance in overflow work, subcontracting, outsourcing of business office management /support & document creation.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 4:34 pm on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Strategic Planning IS For The Small Business 

    You might seem to think that strategic planning is ONLY for large corporations, well….think again. Strategic planning IS for small businesses too. Strategic planning is matching the strengths of your business to available opportunities. Also taking into account your weaknesses & how you can improve on them.

    The whole concept of strategic planning is to lay out a significant strategy of how you will operate your business, market, keep things running efficiently & get ahead of the competition.

    Planning can make the difference between the success or failure of your business. In addition to that it’s sticking to & taking continuous action in your implementation that determines if your plan will succeed or fail. Strategic planning is a tool in business not your goal. Strategic planning can be time consuming & take away from the overall administrative management of your business, so it should not be the consumer of your time or your teams time.

    That’s why many small businesses, solo-entrepreneurs or top management leverage the resources of others in an area like this. You need a strategy & a plan of the basics that will get your business strategically positioned to develop in the direction that you want it to go. If your business is to succeed and grow, it is essential to dedicate some time in identifying how to best position your company to meet existing resource demands. So get started on your strategic plan today!

    ~For Administrative Office Support Services contact:

    Clerical Business Solutions, http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 5:21 pm on May 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Now Exactly…Where Are We Going With This? 

    You are on the road to no where & you haven’t got a clue as to what direction to take your project into next? You’ve tried one direction or another. If you

    bigstockphoto_Crossroad_404579want to succeed in your projects or business, you need to come up with some sort of strategic plan. A strategic plan gives you clear direction, focus and keeps you from straying from the path.

    To give direction to your project plans or business, you need to develop a strategic plan. In the developmental & working stages it is very important for you to be realistic.

    It’s important for everyone to work together as a cohesive unit to achieve success. If you are working by yourself, you’ve got to maintain focus, stick to a strategic plan or seek assistance. If you have a team, try to see if you all can come on common ground to work together so that all of you can perform as one.

    It can be hard to take an honest look at how things are going and the ways in which you can improve your project or business outlook. When planning for success your goals should be high, but achievable. With any business or project, you need to a have clear, well defined directions.

    How will you know if you’ve gotten there

    if you don’t know where you’re going?

    Sometimes people do things haphazardly, just hoping that it’ll all work it’s way out. That’s not a good way to do things. Sometimes that can show a lack of preparation, forethought, or not having the ability or skills to accomplish the task at hand. Project management includes developing a strategic project plan that includes:

    • defining and confirming the project goals and objectives
    • identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved
    • quantifying the resources needed
    • determining budgets and timelines for completion

    A big key to project planning & success is IMPLEMENTATION. When you have that follow through with each step and rechecking as you go, you can reach completion and success. It also includes managing the implementation of the project plan, along with operating regular ‘controls’ to ensure that there is accurate and objective information on ‘performance’ relative to the plan, and the mechanisms to implement recovery actions where necessary.

    Everyone should be clear on the roles that they are expected to play. There should be a clearly defined leadership role in managing projects. A leader is responsible for providing leadership, direction, and control for all aspects of the company’s activities in order to ensure effectiveness in organizations and in managing change.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 4:48 pm on January 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    TQM Is For The Small Business 

    Contrary to what many may think TQM is for small businesses. Well what is TQM? For those that don’t know, TQM is total/ top quality management. Many may feel that only larger corporations have to implement or maintain TQM but that’s not the case, it’s for businesses large & small.

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    TQM is a management process used in all kinds of business and public sectors as a means of achieving quality through feedback and awareness of customers’ needs.

    Total = Quality involves everyone and all activities in the company.

    Quality = Meeting Customer Requirements.

    Management = Quality can and must be managed.

    TQM = A process for managing quality; it must be a continuous way of life; a philosophy of perpetual improvement in everything you do.

    You may be looking for new customers & trying to maintain the ones that you have, so in the midst of that: Are your competitors taking your best customers?

    In order for a small business or entrepreneur to compete in this competitive business world, a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction programs are imperative. Think about “post-sale” customer satisfaction (or managing customer “dissatisfaction”) programs as a way to reinforce customers’ buying preferences for your products and services for their current and future purchases.

    Make TQM the foundation for your business practices. It is the foundation for activities such as:

  • Meeting Customer Requirements
  • Reducing Development Cycle Times
  • Just In Time/Demand Flow Manufacturing
  • Improvement Teams
  • Reducing Product and Service Costs
  • Improving Administrative Systems Training
  • A new small business has limited financial, personnel and capital plant/equipment resources and is especially vulnerable to instability brought on by rapid changes in customer behavior. One way to help ensure your business success is to make quality and customer satisfaction the number one priority for all the staff in your company. Make sure your company is providing “customer management,” not just “product management.”

    The Ten Steps to TQM are as follows:

    1. Pursue New Strategic Thinking
    2. Know your Customers
    3. Set True Customer Requirements
    4. Concentrate on Prevention, Not Correction
    5. Reduce Chronic Waste
    6. Pursue a Continuous Improvement Strategy
    7. Use Structured Methodology for Process Improvement
    8. Reduce Variation
    9. Use a Balanced Approach
    10. Apply to All Functions

    The task of implementing TQM in a small busines starts at the top. It is generally taken on by the CEO or top management. There are various aspects to the successful implementation of quality TQM.

    It may require months or years to fully incorporate TQM into your companies value system. There are several keys to a successful TQM program for small businesses:

    • Quality work and customer satisfaction must be a commitment of all staff.
    • Improving quality and customer satisfaction must also be a commitment of everyone in the company.
    • Every company activity must incorporate quality and customer satisfaction, including all communications with customers and suppliers.
    • It doesn’t have to cost more to make quality and customer satisfaction your priority.
    • Significant changes may be required to make quality and customer satisfaction improvements.
    • Small advantages in all company functions can set your quality and customer satisfaction apart from the competition.

    TQM requires rigorous assessment and strategic planning for every aspect of an organization. The CEO, owner or top management should always be looking to achieve top quality. TQM is a method that can help them do just that. However, TQM involves every part of the organization, and has to start at the top, so  head management must set the TQM example.


    (c) 2009 All rights reserved. Clerical Business Solutions~business management co., virtual assistant services & business strategy consulting. http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net

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