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    Setting Goals Is Imperative For Your Business 

    Setting goals is imperative for you business or projects as well as the follow through. In a business or project you should have long and short term goals. To help you set the appropriate goals, you must know what is important for you to accomplish. You need to have personal goals as well as business goals because a business is a big part of your life.

    Setting goals for you business is important and a big part of your business strategic planning. Strategic planning is a management tool for you to set and record the direction of your daily, monthly or quarterly business management. Setting goals is a part of the management of your business and gives you a road map to follow. It can be adjusted as time goes by.

    The implementation part is the MOST important part of reaching your goals. You just can’t set goals and not take action. Because if you do then you are just wasting your time planning goals. Get started, start writing things down. Brainstorm, do some strategic thinking & find out what it is that you really want to do or achieve.

    Write down your goals to have a record of them. If you can’t do this alone then get help in this area. You must set specific and clearly stated goals. If you do not have clearly stated goals, your efforts will lack direction and focus. You’ll be all over the place trying to achieve something. Then you’ll never be able to achieve success in your goals. You’ll just end up doing things half way, you’ll have no structure & no guidance. That doesn’t do you any good and that’s bad for business. It could mean the end of your business or you’ll have to restart things when you could have just done them right in the first place.

    It all begins with planning and goal setting. Strategic planning and goal setting is great for the start of your business and regular management of your business. You need to have the will power & determination to get through things & set the right prioritizes. If not, then get help in this area, get a mentor, business consultant, strategic planner or coach to help you along.

    Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of the future into reality. By setting sharp, organized, clearly defined goals, you can measure them and take pride in the achievement of those goals. GET STARTED TODAY!!!!

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      Best way to success in business is to have Strategic Planning. Nice post.

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      Yes, goal is an important element for an organization or projects as well as anything in life. In an organization or project there should have strong goal. Also it is significant to have personal goals as well as organization goals because organization is a big element of your way of life. Rationally it leads you to an easy drive.

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    Just Delegate & Outsource To Your Virtual Business Assistant 

    Sometimes throughout the life of your business or projects you need extra helping hands. That’s when you have to learn how to delegate & outsource by utilizing the resources of others to benefit your business or projects. Remove non-critical work from your to-do-list & delegate it to an outside business resource like a Virtual Business Assistant. Many times delegating & outsourcing to a Virtual Business Assistant can benefit your business in many ways & become your resource in your time of need.

    When you delegate & outsource you are handing off  tasks or operations to someone else & entrusting them with different tasks, operations or powers to help you get the job done right. That’s where a virtual business assistant comes in handy; by becoming a trusted & reliable resource that you can delegate to.

    Make a list of your non-core business functions or tasks that need attention but could be better outsourced & handled by someone else. You can utilize outsourcing to help reduce your workload or offload your overflow work. If you don’t have time to do them, some things are a distraction, you need some things handled quickly or you need continuous business assistance then just delegate & outsource to your Virtual business assistant!

    A virtual business assistant can handle a variety of things for you or your team. But it all depends on your needs & the type of virtual assistant that you choose to partner with. Virtual Assistants work in many different industries & for different types of people. A virtual assistant can help you with office management, project management, document creation, marketing, strategy, articles, strategic planning, thesis, dissertations, websites, blogs, transcription, public relations, coaching, consulting etc, etc…

    Many have found that delegating & outsourcing to a virtual business assistant has become the solution for their business needs. Now go ahead, just delegate & outsource to your Virtual Business Assistant today!

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      I’d like to offer some advice: when recruiting a virtual assistant, specify that they will need to know your native language as they will be making phone calls for you. This will ensure you are connected with a virtual assistant who has a superior understanding of your native language.

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        Hi Mark,

        I agree completely, because communication IS ALWAYS KEY! Being able to communicate with your clients/ customers or on their behalf is very important & communication has a lot to do with language.~Clerical Business Solutions

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    Your Business Needs A Financial Budget Plan 

    Some small business people just run their business & may not see a need for a budget, as if everything will just fall into place. For many people, the word “budget” has a negative connotation. The future of your business needs a financial plan & strategy. If you haven’t started one already, the time is now. You should develop a budget & stick to it. Yes, budgets may need to be adjusted as time goes along but it’s a good idea to start out with one & set goals.


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    A financial plan & budget helps you to gage your business and tell the performance of your business at the end of a fiscal year. This helps to tell how well your business has done over the year. If your financial budget is looking bad or starts to look bad, it could be a sign of poor planning and lack of a budget.

    There is a lot to think about when creating a budget and maintaining one. It will most definitely benefit you in the end. You need money to help run your business and you need ample amounts of it. Having a budget and monitoring it on a regular basis can help to keep you from running short. Your finances are a big part of your business and should be taken seriously,  not haphazardly.

    If you are always in the mindset of “i’ll get to it later”, then your already headed for disaster. Just simply having a financial budget isn’t a guarantee of success. You have to follow through with it. Start working on a budget at least one to two months before the arrival of the next fiscal year.

    Having a budget helps to put your money to work for you instead of you being controlled by it or not succeeding in your financial goals. If you need assistance in this area you can invest in financial/ money management software, accountant, bookkeeper, CFO, financial expert etc…. You can also come up with your own strategy for money management.

    You have to set financial goals. Make a list of what you want to achieve with your money & how it’ll benefit your company. You can break them down into short term goals such as, what to accomplish in 3-6 months or less than a year.

    What goals to accomplish in medium-term (1 to 3 years) and long-term (5 years or more). As for personal & business, many experts are now saying that you should have at least 9-12 months worth of money saved. They used to say 3-6 months but when you look at the state of the current economy that has changed.

    Most importantly, I can never say it enough, but educate yourself on all aspects of money management, budgeting for yourself & your business. Always have a plan in place. Read money magazines, articles, talk to financial experts, read about investing etc… Evaluate & review your progress monthly, quarterly, or whenever you choose.

    Try it at least semi-annually, to determine if your strategy is working. If you don’t see any success or satisfactory progress then again, take time out to review your strategy. Make changes where needed or get help from a financial expert, accountant, bookkeeper etc…. You have to get it in gear if you want your business to have longevity.~Clerical Business Solutions

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    There Is A Strategy To Email Management 

    There are strategies to many things that you do in a business and email management should have a strategy also. Sometimes email can be a monster to manage. Many people spend the majority of their day sifting through this madness. Email management is a big part of business communication & customer service, which continues to grow.


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    For most companies there is a steady growth of inbound emails and they have to figure out cost-effective measures to help manage it all.

    It is the first line of communication for some companies. Many times this way of communication is how many companies resolve customer issues. With email, it can be a challenge responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Your company has to find a way to utilize this medium to improve customer expectation, external perception & internal communication. It doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems with a little organization and security implementation.

    Email management can be as smooth as pie and it should be taken into consideration with any other type of records management system. It should be addressed similar to the organizational standards of addressing other information and records management.

    A company works with four major types of records which are:

    • Vital
    • Important
    • Useful
    • Nonessential

    Your company needs policies and tools for managing emails, such as:

    • Classification
    • Storage
    • Preservation
    • Management
    • Destruction

    Once you have the proper tools in place, retrieving needed information can be easy and help to keep incoming information on track. Very few companies have implemented solid e-mail management strategies. Having email management and security is very important for all businesses big and small.

    Failure to implement e-mail management strategies of organization, security and dissemination of information can pose some risks to your organization. Some companies haven’t defined e-mail management, and they’ve left it to individuals to delete, manage, classify and save e-mail on their desktop computers. That could be an unorganized way to manage email. Depending on the types of information that you receive and the email address that’s used, there should be someone (or a group) specific to handle them.

    It can pose a big risk if you don’t know who’s doing what and how it’s being done. But when it comes to deciding how long to retain e-mails, how to determine which messages to keep or delete and whether to use encryption, many organizations don’t have a clue.

    Depending on how your company is structured, you can implement different types of email management software or security protection to help.You can also checkout some email organization tips  here.

    It’s a mistake to set policies that address e-mail usage but disregard e-mail content.  Information should be managed according to its value to the organization and according to any regulatory requirements that are in place.

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    Effective Internal Communications Lead To Success 

    In a effort to achieve success & have smooth running operations, an organization or business needs a solution. An effective & cohesive communications solution. Effective communications helps a company adapt to changes. Many organizations need to improve on their internalcommunications communications. Business communication encompasses a huge body of knowledge both internal & external for your business.

    For now we’ll focus on internal communication. Improvements to communications, help to lay the foundation for cohesiveness, effectiveness & success,internally & externally.

    At times upper management or leaders misinterpret communications to be the same as paperwork or bureaucracy and many times they may be unwilling or inattentive to a high degree of communications.

    With the growth of a business, internal communication becomes even more important. Sometimes having a multi-tiered strategy can be best. Effective internal communications start with basic skills in listening, speaking, questioning and sharing feedback.

    Internal workplace communication includes communication of corporate vision, strategies, plans, corporate culture, shared values and guiding principles, employee motivation, cross-pollination of ideas etc, etc…….

    Effective listening is a big part of communications, surrender rather than dominate. What I mean is take time to really consider what the others are saying. I’m not saying that you have to agree but absorb with your hearing what others are saying, take time out to think about it, discuss with others then make a conclusion etc….

    Trying to over-power others in the conversation/ discussion sometimes gets nowhere fast. Take into consideration what others are saying and truly give it some thought (even if you have to write things down), be more receiving than broadcasting, cooperate more than bicker etc….  Some where along those lines.

    Many organizations understand the importance of developing strategic plans to guide longer term decision-making, but within those strategic plans, few organizations address INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS. Many times internal communications are developed reactively,when there’s a crisis or major event then it’s left to the individual to determine how and when to communicate with staff.

    Unless management comprehends and fully supports the premise that organizations must have high degrees of communications, the organization will remain at a stand still. Many times a business learns the need for communication by having to respond to the lack there of.

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      Great post!

    • Pat Rocchi 5:28 pm on July 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with your thoughts, but I believe that you missed an important element. That is HONESTY, which is sorely missing in corporate internal communications. I elaborate here. http://tinyurl.com/InternalPat

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:24 am on July 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Pat,

        Very true. Honesty is one major element that is missing in many organizations. Many times it is rarely discussed. Many people know right from wrong and even disagree on what’s right and wrong in many organizations. Too many of them look for the easy way out and to cut corners. And few of them take the time to consider if the choices that they are making are honest & ethical.

        Within the organization many don’t seem to realize that honesty is the best policy for establishing trust amongst employees, clients, community and stockholders. It should be taken into to consideration, discussed thoroughly in the open amongst those within the organization and most importantly IMPLEMENTED.~Clerical Business Solutions

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      …..Frank Scurley

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    Outsourcing: Does It Make Dollars & Sense? 

    As you grow , begin or maintain your business there are many factors and areas of your business that may lead you to seek outside resources for support. From time to time all sorts of businesses utilize some form of outsourcing services in some way, shape, form or fashion,even for a one time project. Some business owners use outsourcing as a permanent way of doing business. Which has helped them to improve on their business operations and their bottom-line.

    But the big question is: Does outsourcing make dollars & sense?

    Why Yes It Does!

    It Makes Dollars:

    Outsourcing makes dollars by helping you to save money and free your time so that you can focus on the 20% of tasks that produce 80% of your income. Outsourcing improves your efficiency and your bottom-line. Outsourcing helps you to reduce your overhead, many business expenses and many employee related expenses. Conducting many non-profit producing tasks in-house can be sometimes difficult to predict or control the COST of getting something done. When the work is done in-house, many things can increase the cost of performing a specific task.

    A good part of the profit producing operations are performed or initiated by YOU. As your administrative demands increase, you’ll find less time to devote to that which produces the INCOME  of the company. Hiring extra in-house employees decreases your savings, a business becomes heavier and its own success creates the barriers which inevitably stagnate your growth in terms of profits and income. So outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is a viable option for your business, which makes you dollars. Outsource routines that don’t directly produce profit.

    It Makes Sense.

    Outsourcing makes sense because it helps you to stay on top of the administrative demand of your business. You CAN NOT IGNORE the administrative demands of your business, these tasks are the backbone and support of your business. If you neglect these supportive tasks then these support activities will deteriorate and begin impeding your profit producing activities. IGNORING administrative tasks cuts off CONTROL of your business activity and that’s not a viable option at all. This is where outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can help.

    Basically to sum it up outsourcing makes dollars and sense. It is a worthwhile alternative if a task occurs on a regular basis but has no impact on your clients experience and the task itself is not one of your core business activities. Outsourcing is a great investment for your business and your bottom-line.

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    Clerical Business Solutions-Virtual Assistant Services 

    If you work in the business world or you’re a business owner, there are times when you need assistance with managing your projects, day-to-day administrative office tasks, various personal or business tasks & help in implementing the steps that you need to stay on top of business. Then you may wonder where will you find the time, resources or help to manage it all.  A flexible, cost-effective, reliable business support provider is

    Clerical Business Solutions-Virtual Assistant Services!

    Many people hesistate to delegate & outsource their administrative office tasks or some business operations because they feel that they can do it cheaper themselves, hire a temp , hire additional employees (which can be very costly). By doing so only leads to more stress, more work, more work hours & not being able to stay on top of things. Also a temp is a transient solution.

    Going virtual for your business support needs is the way to go. It is less costly than hiring additional staff. The benefits are numerous.

    So, ask yourself, Why not put your administrative office tasks, routine or non-productive tasks (which are not your core business focus) into the hands of a professional like Clerical Business Solutions ?

    A Virtual Assistant can help you to reduce lots of business expenses & business tasks which are not your core business focus.

    Your ROI (return on investment) can = 400–500% , even for someone who makes $30,000-$40,000 a year. It’s only possible when you hand over your to-do list to a Virtual Assistant. “Let Me Handle All The Details, So You Don’t Have To !”

    A Virtual Assistant & Business Consultant like Clerical Business Solutions can help you to manage & simplify your business operations better by:

    • helping to take the load off
    • helping to increase your business productivity, increase your efficiency
    • help you to relieve stress & become more organized
    • help you to eliminate the distractions
    • help you to streamline your business & increase your bottomline !

    I provide “Solutions To Simplify Your Life & Business “, in a variety of services to help you manage your personal projects or business projects. A sample of the services available are secretarial services, grant writing, outsourcing/ overflow work, resume/ cv services, personal life management, email management, travel & meeting planning, thesis/dissertation/ manuscript typing, blog management, business start up assistance, article marketing, writing a press release and more.

    Many businesses, executives, professionals & individuals are partnering with a cost-effective, reliable business resource: THE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT !!

    • Do You Need A Solution To Help Cut Back On Business Expenses ?
    • Do You Need An Assistant, BUT NOT In Your Home Or Office ?
    • Do You Need Extra Time To Focus On Other Aspects Of Life Or Business ?
    • Do You Want To Stay A Solo-Business Owner Or You Can’t Afford To Hire An In-House Assistant ?
    • Are You Stressed Out With Business Or Personal Tasks & Need Immediate Help ?
    • Do You Need Assistance With Your Current Staff In Overflow Work ?
    • Do You Need Assistance In Finding In-House Employees ?
    • Do You Want To Reduce Or Eliminate Employee Related Expenses Or Problems ?




    Clerical Business Solutions services are available worldwide with no geographical restrictions. The more time that you spend on administrative office tasks the less time that you have to grow your business. “I do all the busy work so you don’t have to !” When you outsource to a Virtual Assistant your 8–16 hour workday can be reduced to 3–5 hours a day. Which will enable you to increase your business productivity, efficiency and your bottomline ! That’s right, Virtual Assistant services can help you to achieve a 4-hour work week.

    You know that you are in need of cost-effective business help but you come up with a hundred reasons not to use a Virtual Assistant. When you work with Clerical Business Solutions:

    • you gain a partner in your business or projects, not an employee
    • you gain professional assistance at the click of the mouse
    • you gain someone who wants you to succeed in your business or projects, which is a great benefit to you

    Now you can reduce all of tha hassles & responsibilities of an in-house employee or temp like:

    • federal, state & local government costs or responsibilites of an employee
    • you can reduce or eliminate someone wasting time on the job
    • you can reduce buying extra office space, equipment or training for an employee
    • reduce high employee turnover, employees being late to work & a host of employee related problems 

    You don’t have to deal with those things when you work with a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is 100% focused on your business needs & Virtual Assistant services are tax deductible.

    Do you want to know more about Virtual Assistant services, how they can work for you, how you can save time & money ?

    Then contact your Virtual Assistant Clerical Business Solutions Today !!

    Contact Me Today To Get Your 10% Discount On Services For May & June

    Attn: Renee, Email: info@clericalsolutionsinc.net  

    Web: http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net


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      Man .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds alsoI’m happy to find numerous useful info here within the publish, we’d like work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

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    Get A Wiki For Your Business Or Personal Needs 

    Professionals & businesses are using wikis in their everyday work. Who can use a Wiki ? Teachers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Journalists, Individuals, Photographers, Chef, Scientists, Computer Experts, CEO, Organizations, all kinds of professionals & businesses. The list goes on & on.

    What is a Wiki ? Wiki (wik’e): It’s a collaborative website workspace that one person or multiple people can edit together, share files, documents and collaborate.

    Here’s a sampling of some of the wiki resources and ideas,so you can start using a wiki for your business or personal needs.

    Sites that offer easy-to-use and (in some cases) free wiki tools
    PB Wiki http://www.pbwiki.com
    WetPaint http://www.wetpaint.com
    BackPack http://www.backpackit.com
    Wiki.com http://www.wiki.com

    Wiki “communities”:
    The folks behind Wikipedia are offering a new service to those who want to create a wiki-style resource on any topic
    Wikia http://www.wikia.com

    Wikis FOR THE “Enterprise”:
    These companies offer wiki-software solutions used in corporate environments for functions such as customer support or knowledge management systems
    Atlassian http://www.atlassian.com
    Customer Vision http://www.customervision.com
    iUpload http://www.iupload.com
    Social Text http://www.socialtext.com

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    A Strategic Solution for Business: Outsourcing 

    The current economy is forcing businesses to cut costs and to stay competitive. That can be a great burden and pain for business, having to focus on staying in business or ahead of the competition then you have to stay worried about and tackle your day-to-day business operations & tasks.

    You may be looking for a way to cut costs and run your business more efficiently.  You or your team members may feel that you will never catch up on the things that you have to do because there is so much on your plate already.

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    For many entrepreneurs, who may be independent or have team members, they don’t want to wrestle with their day-to-day business operations and administrative tasks. Sometimes they just simply need a helping hand, like an extension to their business or projects.

    Outsourcing certain business operations makes good business sense. You don’t outsource everything, just your non-core functions. You don’t need to have employees or a large company to outsource some of your business tasks. By outsourcing some of your day-to-day tasks can free your mind and help you to focus more on other ideas to generate money. Competition can make doing business an ongoing battle & you really need support by your side so you can tackle your competition.

    As a business owner or professional, you don’t need distractions. A challenge that some companies face is finding the right resources/ support that fit their needs. That’s when you and/ or your team need to figure out what you really need assistance with. Find out what can help to reduce or ease your workload. Decide on the things that need to be done but don’t require too much of your attention, the things that you can let someone else do so you can move on to another project or take a much needed vacation. Once you know that, then delegate & outsource.

    You should pay attention to what you do as a business and how you can do it better, if you had extra support that you could outsource to. Sometimes in business you may feel that you can do it all, then there are times when you need outside help.


    When your team members or employees spend time on things that don’t directly add value to your customers solutions, you can save a lot on business costs by outsourcing. A beneficial resource to outsource to is a Virtual Assistant and seek advice from a project/ strategy consultant. A Virtual Assistant and/ or business strategy consultant can provide the help that you are searching for. You don’t have to have employees or a large company to obtain the services of a Virtual Assistant or for most business strategy/ project consultants.

    Virtual Assistants are business owners who have experience in all types of business support and management services. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant you don’t gain an employee, you gain a partner in business who wants to alleviate some of your burden and help you to succeed in business.

    A Virtual Assistant can help you in many ways: working with your vendors, typing, grant writing, making your phone calls, administrative tasks, setting appointments for you, handling your emails, database management, client management, routine paperwork, assisting you with project management, bookeeping etc… The ways that a Virtual Assistant can help you are endless.

    A Business Strategy Consultant can assist you by helping your organization improve their performance,strategy/ decision-making, business management, M.O.S.T/ S.W.O.T analysis, strategic planning, business planning etc…. primarily through strategy development & implementation through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement & maintenance.

    Outsourcing has proven to reduce capital costs, increase efficiency, speed up time-to-market, reduce labor costs and enable core business focus. Outsourcing has helped companies find newer and better ways to do things and add value to their products or services. Once you have worked with a Virtual Assistant and/ or a Business Strategy Consultant, you will see the added value to your business or projects and the great benefits.

    • outsourceit2philippines.com 12:38 am on October 10, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      well if you are planning to have a virtual assistant instead to have the employees you must think also of what will be the outcome of the result and the effects by not having an employee..

      • Clerical Business Solutions 5:35 pm on October 11, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Outsourceit,

        You can have outsourcing in addition to your employees. You must always think of the end result when doing any type of business transaction. Some independent/ solo-professionals work well on their own if they choose to outsource and not have employees. It all depends on what’s best for each individual or business.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        Renee~business consultant & Virtual Assistant

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      Outsourcing has been a major element to success for various companies overseas. It is a justifiable fact that internationally established business institutions markets employee leasing to various parts of the world.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 5:43 pm on February 28, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Employee,

        Outsourcing has been a great benefit to many companies over the years. But onshore outsourcing can benefit a business even more. But it seems as though you may be refering to staffing agencies. With staffing agencies the situation is very different than working with a Virtual Assistant firm by way of onshore outsourcing.

        Many Virtual Assistants also work with clients all over the world. Working with a VA~Virtual Assistant, the boundaries are limitless.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~business consultant & virtual assistant

    • Reyna Flor 8:49 pm on April 18, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      These are additional reasons why Outsourcing is good for your business/organization:

      1. Achieve more with less. Everyone in business is under constant pressure to produce ever-increasing volumes of work to generate more revenue using existing staff. With outsourcing, you can utilize your existing staff to manage outsourced projects. Your staff manages the outsourced team, thus improving the output of each staff member.

      2. Real-time access to skilled people. Business is not a steady, constant stream. You can never fully predict what situation the next day, week or month will force upon you. Outsourcing provides a certain level of scalability to help solve the enviable situation of significant growth.

      3. Focus on your core competencies. When your business grows, it does so because you successfully deliver a product the market demands.

      4. Flexibility when negotiating contracts. Pricing flexibility allows you to be much more creative in managing your budget when you can’t afford higher-priced staff. In addition to each staff member’s salary, there is the cost of taxes, health insurance, liability insurance, computers, cubicles and much more, depending on the perks you offer.

      5. Higher value per person. Maintaining the proper staff levels to meet the needs of your business is a difficult art to master. Outsourcing gives you flexibility when determining appropriate staff levels. You can hire a core team capable of meeting the demands of your business 80 percent of the time.

      6. Educated people with deep skill sets. Clearly language and cultural barriers exist. Just resist the urge to speak with increasing volume, and relax.

      7. Getting started is easy. If outsourcing sounds even remotely interesting to you, I suggest you take appropriate action. Notice I didn’t simply say “take action.” Getting started with outsourcing is as easy as finding a vendor and signing a contract.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 5:55 pm on April 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Reyna,

        You have made some great and valid points about outsourcing. Many people are not quite sure about taking on such an investment, such as venturing into outsourcing. In addition to your points they can see that. The ROI in onshore outsourcing is very good.

        Depending on a persons needs, outsourcing can be a great benefit to their business or projects. Outsourcing & business consulting is a key business strategy, a winning combination which helps to strengthen an organization.

        With outsourcing a business or professional doesn’t lose control, they gain better control of their business or projects.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & Virtual Assistant

    • Yuan Yudistira 7:16 pm on May 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I have been researching about IT Staff Outsourcing business model. Can anyone suggest me the future of IT Staff outsourcing business model?

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