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    Will The Minimum Wage Increase Affect Your Business? 

    There was a big push for an increase in the federal minimum wage and it was officially implemented on July 24,09. Many small businesses now have to face the challenges of dealing with and complying with the federally mandated minimum wage increase.

    For the those that don’t know: the federal minimum wage is the legal lowest amount that an employer can pay an employee. The minimum wage was increased from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour. With the installation of the federal minimum wage that was implemented on July 24,09, how will it affect your buisness? If you are a business that employs many employees do you see this as a big problem?

    It can be somewhat of a boost to the working poor or people who work for minimum wage in addition to other incomes, but it’s not great, considering all of the taxes that will be taken out of an employees paycheck. The increase in the minimum wage will have a big impact on some companies & they will see financial changes in the coming years.

    Many states & companies already pay wages at or above the new minimum wage, so this increase may have little impact on them. Depending on the industry that you’re in, the impact of the minimum wage might not hurt so bad. It may really hit hard in the fast-food industry, retail industries etc…

    If you are like many small companies, then you’d need to plan for and compensate for the growing labor costs. When you take a look at the minimum wage and how it will affect your business, you have to consider your labor costs and redevelop your day-to-day business operations. You have to look at ways to increase efficiency in your workplace and find creative solutions to reduce your overhead.

    Many small companies deal with this by increasing prices for products, services or even firing employees. To help minimize increases in pricing & labor costs, many small companies have chosen a creative solution and that’s to implement onshore outsourcing.

    In using onshore outsourcing, many of them are outsourcing and utilizing Virtual Assistant services. Virtual Assistant services (also known as VA’s), help to lighten your load, reduce labor costs, you’re  able to maintain business as usual more efficiently, more effectively & increase business productivity.

    That’s one of the many ways that companies get ahead of their competition, maintain a successful business. When working with a VA, you reduce your overhead, you maximize your efficiency, your productivity and your bottomline.

    For most small companies there is an upside to the minimum wage increase, and it’s knowing that it can stimulate the economy. Usually when people make more money, sometimes they make lifestyle changes and they buy more which generates more revenue in the economy.

    The increase in the federal minimum wage doesn’t have to be looked at as a negative it can be a positive for your business. As a business owner you need to have a strategic plan of action for times like these.  Don’t wait till the last minute or wait till bad things happen to develop a strategic plan of action for the bad times in business. Plan ahead. With a strategic action plan, you’ll be able to attack problems head on, then there will be less problems for you.


    Clerical Business Solutions~


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    Outsourcing: Does It Make Dollars & Sense? 

    As you grow , begin or maintain your business there are many factors and areas of your business that may lead you to seek outside resources for support. From time to time all sorts of businesses utilize some form of outsourcing services in some way, shape, form or fashion,even for a one time project. Some business owners use outsourcing as a permanent way of doing business. Which has helped them to improve on their business operations and their bottom-line.

    But the big question is: Does outsourcing make dollars & sense?

    Why Yes It Does!

    It Makes Dollars:

    Outsourcing makes dollars by helping you to save money and free your time so that you can focus on the 20% of tasks that produce 80% of your income. Outsourcing improves your efficiency and your bottom-line. Outsourcing helps you to reduce your overhead, many business expenses and many employee related expenses. Conducting many non-profit producing tasks in-house can be sometimes difficult to predict or control the COST of getting something done. When the work is done in-house, many things can increase the cost of performing a specific task.

    A good part of the profit producing operations are performed or initiated by YOU. As your administrative demands increase, you’ll find less time to devote to that which produces the INCOME  of the company. Hiring extra in-house employees decreases your savings, a business becomes heavier and its own success creates the barriers which inevitably stagnate your growth in terms of profits and income. So outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is a viable option for your business, which makes you dollars. Outsource routines that don’t directly produce profit.

    It Makes Sense.

    Outsourcing makes sense because it helps you to stay on top of the administrative demand of your business. You CAN NOT IGNORE the administrative demands of your business, these tasks are the backbone and support of your business. If you neglect these supportive tasks then these support activities will deteriorate and begin impeding your profit producing activities. IGNORING administrative tasks cuts off CONTROL of your business activity and that’s not a viable option at all. This is where outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can help.

    Basically to sum it up outsourcing makes dollars and sense. It is a worthwhile alternative if a task occurs on a regular basis but has no impact on your clients experience and the task itself is not one of your core business activities. Outsourcing is a great investment for your business and your bottom-line.

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    Help Your Business By Improving Your Surveys0. 

    The decisions that you make towards your success in business can stem from how effective your surveys are. Gather info on how your customers feel about your products or services, your employees etc… A very effective way Ebook:Strengthen Your Business In A Recessionthat you can tell how your company is doing is by conducting a thorough survey of your customers/ clients.

    You can create a survey by using a survey form. There are several ways to gather information for your surveys. You can start with surveying the your current clients/ customers by email, a group meeting such as a seminar, anonymous survey by mail, a booth in the mall or the phone.  The way that you design and implement your survey determines how effective it will be. You will know that you have a weak or strong survey by your results.

    So what makes a good survey? Well your design and implementation is very important. When you construct your surveys do not create questions that will influence answers.  For example: in a questionnaire directed toward employees about ideas for the company’s future growth, questions such as: “Do you feel our company should prepare for changes in the industry?” Questions like that elicit obvious positive responses. Instead, wording should be more specific, such as: “Name the single most important change the company should consider during the upcoming year.”

    Make your questionnaire specific.Don ‘t ask: “What is your opinion of the new phone system?” Instead, say: “Give specific examples of how the new phone system has benefited your work.” You might add a follow-up question to cover opposite responses, such as: “Site specific ways in which the new phone system has hindered your work.”

    Just keep questionnaires brief and to the point. Respondents tend to become irritated when asked too many questions or if it takes too long. This could influence the accuracy of results.

    You can keep it simple and not too many long drawn out questions, If you need written answers keep them very short fill in the blanks. Instead, use scales that allow them to select their degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction like 1-10 and 10 being the highest level of satisfaction.

    For example, the question: “Are you satisfied with the service you received from our receptionists?” could be followed by selections that the respondent could circle: Very satisfied, Satisfied, or Not satisfied. Keep choice of selections to a minimum. This makes it easier for respondents.

    Following the scale of choices, the questionnaire could include space for the respondent to write specific reasons for being satisfied or dissatisfied. At the left of this space include: Reasons, Please explain or Examples. This will allow the respondent to describe specific situations, and may prove helpful in the overall evaluation of the survey.

    When creating the page layout of a survey questionnaire (and even when writing the questions), find sample surveys that you can use as a basis for your design. This will make things simpler than designing from scratch. Survey forms can be obtained through local Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Administration centers or the Internet.

    When conducting a survey, make sure that you’re addressing the people who will give you the most accurate and useful information. For example, if you’re interested in finding out what customers feel about you, don’t limit your survey to only your most loyal customers.

    In general, the more people you survey, the more accurate the results. A survey among 25 people isn’t as strong as a survey among 100 or 1,000 people. The exception is, of course, when only a small number of people can give you the information you need.

    If your survey is attempting to gather and document information that is vital to your company, consider hiring research experts to design and conduct the survey for you. These firms specialize in market research and can make sure that results are statistically valid. You can locate research firms in the Yellow Pages or the internet, under “Market Research Companies” or “Marketing Consultants.”

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    Get A Wiki For Your Business Or Personal Needs 

    Professionals & businesses are using wikis in their everyday work. Who can use a Wiki ? Teachers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Journalists, Individuals, Photographers, Chef, Scientists, Computer Experts, CEO, Organizations, all kinds of professionals & businesses. The list goes on & on.

    What is a Wiki ? Wiki (wik’e): It’s a collaborative website workspace that one person or multiple people can edit together, share files, documents and collaborate.

    Here’s a sampling of some of the wiki resources and ideas,so you can start using a wiki for your business or personal needs.

    Sites that offer easy-to-use and (in some cases) free wiki tools
    PB Wiki http://www.pbwiki.com
    WetPaint http://www.wetpaint.com
    BackPack http://www.backpackit.com
    Wiki.com http://www.wiki.com

    Wiki “communities”:
    The folks behind Wikipedia are offering a new service to those who want to create a wiki-style resource on any topic
    Wikia http://www.wikia.com

    Wikis FOR THE “Enterprise”:
    These companies offer wiki-software solutions used in corporate environments for functions such as customer support or knowledge management systems
    Atlassian http://www.atlassian.com
    Customer Vision http://www.customervision.com
    iUpload http://www.iupload.com
    Social Text http://www.socialtext.com

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    A Strategic Solution for Business: Outsourcing 

    The current economy is forcing businesses to cut costs and to stay competitive. That can be a great burden and pain for business, having to focus on staying in business or ahead of the competition then you have to stay worried about and tackle your day-to-day business operations & tasks.

    You may be looking for a way to cut costs and run your business more efficiently.  You or your team members may feel that you will never catch up on the things that you have to do because there is so much on your plate already.

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    For many entrepreneurs, who may be independent or have team members, they don’t want to wrestle with their day-to-day business operations and administrative tasks. Sometimes they just simply need a helping hand, like an extension to their business or projects.

    Outsourcing certain business operations makes good business sense. You don’t outsource everything, just your non-core functions. You don’t need to have employees or a large company to outsource some of your business tasks. By outsourcing some of your day-to-day tasks can free your mind and help you to focus more on other ideas to generate money. Competition can make doing business an ongoing battle & you really need support by your side so you can tackle your competition.

    As a business owner or professional, you don’t need distractions. A challenge that some companies face is finding the right resources/ support that fit their needs. That’s when you and/ or your team need to figure out what you really need assistance with. Find out what can help to reduce or ease your workload. Decide on the things that need to be done but don’t require too much of your attention, the things that you can let someone else do so you can move on to another project or take a much needed vacation. Once you know that, then delegate & outsource.

    You should pay attention to what you do as a business and how you can do it better, if you had extra support that you could outsource to. Sometimes in business you may feel that you can do it all, then there are times when you need outside help.


    When your team members or employees spend time on things that don’t directly add value to your customers solutions, you can save a lot on business costs by outsourcing. A beneficial resource to outsource to is a Virtual Assistant and seek advice from a project/ strategy consultant. A Virtual Assistant and/ or business strategy consultant can provide the help that you are searching for. You don’t have to have employees or a large company to obtain the services of a Virtual Assistant or for most business strategy/ project consultants.

    Virtual Assistants are business owners who have experience in all types of business support and management services. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant you don’t gain an employee, you gain a partner in business who wants to alleviate some of your burden and help you to succeed in business.

    A Virtual Assistant can help you in many ways: working with your vendors, typing, grant writing, making your phone calls, administrative tasks, setting appointments for you, handling your emails, database management, client management, routine paperwork, assisting you with project management, bookeeping etc… The ways that a Virtual Assistant can help you are endless.

    A Business Strategy Consultant can assist you by helping your organization improve their performance,strategy/ decision-making, business management, M.O.S.T/ S.W.O.T analysis, strategic planning, business planning etc…. primarily through strategy development & implementation through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement & maintenance.

    Outsourcing has proven to reduce capital costs, increase efficiency, speed up time-to-market, reduce labor costs and enable core business focus. Outsourcing has helped companies find newer and better ways to do things and add value to their products or services. Once you have worked with a Virtual Assistant and/ or a Business Strategy Consultant, you will see the added value to your business or projects and the great benefits.

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      well if you are planning to have a virtual assistant instead to have the employees you must think also of what will be the outcome of the result and the effects by not having an employee..

      • Clerical Business Solutions 5:35 pm on October 11, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Outsourceit,

        You can have outsourcing in addition to your employees. You must always think of the end result when doing any type of business transaction. Some independent/ solo-professionals work well on their own if they choose to outsource and not have employees. It all depends on what’s best for each individual or business.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        Renee~business consultant & Virtual Assistant

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      Outsourcing has been a major element to success for various companies overseas. It is a justifiable fact that internationally established business institutions markets employee leasing to various parts of the world.

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        Hi Employee,

        Outsourcing has been a great benefit to many companies over the years. But onshore outsourcing can benefit a business even more. But it seems as though you may be refering to staffing agencies. With staffing agencies the situation is very different than working with a Virtual Assistant firm by way of onshore outsourcing.

        Many Virtual Assistants also work with clients all over the world. Working with a VA~Virtual Assistant, the boundaries are limitless.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~business consultant & virtual assistant

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      These are additional reasons why Outsourcing is good for your business/organization:

      1. Achieve more with less. Everyone in business is under constant pressure to produce ever-increasing volumes of work to generate more revenue using existing staff. With outsourcing, you can utilize your existing staff to manage outsourced projects. Your staff manages the outsourced team, thus improving the output of each staff member.

      2. Real-time access to skilled people. Business is not a steady, constant stream. You can never fully predict what situation the next day, week or month will force upon you. Outsourcing provides a certain level of scalability to help solve the enviable situation of significant growth.

      3. Focus on your core competencies. When your business grows, it does so because you successfully deliver a product the market demands.

      4. Flexibility when negotiating contracts. Pricing flexibility allows you to be much more creative in managing your budget when you can’t afford higher-priced staff. In addition to each staff member’s salary, there is the cost of taxes, health insurance, liability insurance, computers, cubicles and much more, depending on the perks you offer.

      5. Higher value per person. Maintaining the proper staff levels to meet the needs of your business is a difficult art to master. Outsourcing gives you flexibility when determining appropriate staff levels. You can hire a core team capable of meeting the demands of your business 80 percent of the time.

      6. Educated people with deep skill sets. Clearly language and cultural barriers exist. Just resist the urge to speak with increasing volume, and relax.

      7. Getting started is easy. If outsourcing sounds even remotely interesting to you, I suggest you take appropriate action. Notice I didn’t simply say “take action.” Getting started with outsourcing is as easy as finding a vendor and signing a contract.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 5:55 pm on April 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Reyna,

        You have made some great and valid points about outsourcing. Many people are not quite sure about taking on such an investment, such as venturing into outsourcing. In addition to your points they can see that. The ROI in onshore outsourcing is very good.

        Depending on a persons needs, outsourcing can be a great benefit to their business or projects. Outsourcing & business consulting is a key business strategy, a winning combination which helps to strengthen an organization.

        With outsourcing a business or professional doesn’t lose control, they gain better control of their business or projects.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & Virtual Assistant

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      I have been researching about IT Staff Outsourcing business model. Can anyone suggest me the future of IT Staff outsourcing business model?

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    Virtual Assistants vs. Virtual Staffing Companies 

    Do Virtual Assistant Staffing Agencies help or hurt the Virtual Assistant Industry?  Well… yes and no. There are some good and bad Virtual Assistant Staffing Agencies that aren’t a good look for the Virtual Assistant Industry. Because of a few bad companies some clients get burned by them and may form a bad opinion about the entire Virtual Assistant Industry. When that happens some good and potiential clients may not give a second thought to trying a professional independent Virtual Assistant company.

    04_titan_boxing_spotlight 0003

    Some staffing companies promote their workers as being able to do everything in the world. In reality no one person or company can do everything in the world, providing every service. Thats like an accountant trying to be a nurse, doctor, and run a business. When they promote their VA’s as being able to accomplish every tasks then you have to wonder, how true is this. The employees of some of these staffing agencies have been known to not do the work, produce substandard work or half way complete assignments.

    Through a staffing company, the clients are handed to the employee. Some staffing companies promote how cheap their services are, which are from $8 -$15 an hour some are as low as $ 5.00 an hour. Cheap doesn’t always mean a bargain. But with a professional independent Virtual Assistant many of them work hard for their clients. They have invested time and energy in their clients business or projects. The success of a clients business is their success. When their clients succeed they succeed.

    Like I stated in my other post ” On The Rise To The Top & Counting!” the Vitual Assistant industry is growing by leaps & bounds and people are learning about it everyday. Once you learn about a professional Virtual Assistant then you learn the value of contracting and doing business with one. The good name of professional Virtual Assistants is being damaged by some of the bad virtual staffing agencies. Some of them have inexperienced workers sometimes inexperience can lead to substandard work.

    In the end you get what you pay for. Some of these staffing agencies have cheap prices that they try to pass off as a bargain. Their cheap prices are appealing & tempting to prospective clients. As you can see there is a big difference between professional Virtual Assistants and virtual staffing companies.

    When you learn about a professional Virtual Assistant then you learn what they are, their value & benefit to your company or projects, what should you should & shouldn’t expect from them.

    Professional Virtual Assistants don’t promote themselves as being able to do everything in the world. If you find one that does then that may be misleading or it could be true. You can decide what’s best for you.

    That’s why there are so many Virtual Assistants because alot of them have a niche, specific services and/or similar services. No one person or company can be all things to all people. Professional Virtual Assistants have a variety of skills and services.

    Dirt cheap assistance ends up costing the customer more in the long run. Some staffing companies try to get the clients to spend more money. But with a professional Virtual Assistant they don’t coax you into spending more money. You decide what services to purchase, how often and when.

    Virtual Assistants are independent business owners or a Multi-VA practice that provide administrative assistance and other business services to business owners, individuals and professionals.  Workers at virtual staffing agencies are remote workers, freelancers & employees, there’s a big difference. A note to Virtual Assistants: make sure that you know your skills and know them well when you promote your business.


    • Darrell Williams - Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services 2:34 pm on September 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I just wanted to make a distinction between Multi-VA practices and virtual staffing agencies. A Multi-VA practice is a team of virtual assistants. They either work together on projects or the team member that has the most experience and skills in the area of the project completes the project.

      Usually the rates are the same as other VAs. Utilizing a Multi-VA team means that there is always an expert available to you for whatever tasks you need completed.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:13 pm on September 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Darrell,

        That’s good that you point that out because many business owners or professionals need to know that when deciding on which method to use such as a multi-va practice or a freelance agency.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant

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      Hi, Today I visit Your site. It’s content are very informative and good.

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        Hi Richard,

        Thanks for visiting, glad that you found it informative

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & VA

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    Resumes & Curriculum Vitae(C V ) 

    If you are writing a resume it isn’t exactly a speedy process. First you got to do the brainstorming. Second you have to write then rewrite your educational and work histories until your resume perfectly boasts about your background. Plus there’s all that proofreading.

    First let’s start off with:

    Curriculum Vitae, ( C V )

    Curriculum Vitae is also know as a “C V”, which is latin for “course of ones life.”  A Curriculum Vitae is a longer version of a resume, it’s more detailed than a regular resume. It has several pages sometimes 7–10 pages long because of all the detailed information that must be included. It is a very detailed list of your educational and academic backgrounds which include jobs, teaching experiences, education, research experiences, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.

    In the United States a “C V “ is mainly used when applying for international (education, employment, overseas U.S. government opportunities, internships etc..). It’s also used in American academic/ education/ research/ scientific positions, fellowships, government positions or grants. As with a resume, you made need different versions of a ” C V “ when applying for different positions. If you are applying for jobs/ positions or education outside of the United States expect to send a “C V” instead of a resume.


    Your resume may have taken you hours or days to ponder over and then write. A Resume is a summary of your background & skills.  A hiring manager will typically spend less than one minute reviewing it after all the hard work that you put into it.  

    If your resume has any obvious errors, employers will not hesitate to delete it.  There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings. Depending on your personal circumstances choose a chronological, functional, combination, electronic or targeted resume.

    Some may even say that paper resumes are a thing of the past. With so much correspondence conducted through the internet and text messages, mailing an actual paper resume may seem passe’.

    You can’t doubt that advancing technology has made daily activities like paying bills, shopping and research fast, easy and convenient. With the plethora of online job search sites that let you upload or email resumes, applying to jobs is no exception to this rule.  When it comes to submitting applications the most convenient method isn’t always the best. There is still a need for paper resumes.

    Paper resumes may be underutilized and that doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant in todays high-tech world. Anyway that you can stand out as a job seeker you should. If some people are sending email then you send paper. A paper resume is more portable than electronic resumes and in some cases it may be easier to read. 

    Submitting a paper resume reduces formating errors that can happen with electronic resumes. You can send paper and electronic resumes when applying for jobs.  Some companies prefer the old fashion way of finding employees.  If you come across a job listing that doesn’t have an email listed then paper is the way to go.  Some companies don’t list an email address because they want it sent the old fashion way through the mail.

    • Matt 3:22 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting post…I’ve always seen “C.V.” before, but never knew what it stood for! 🙂 I also came across this helpful video series about resumes & cover letters: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/3738-how-has-resume-writing-changed-in-the-past-10-years

      Anyway, thanks for the helpful information!


      • Clerical Business Solutions 4:58 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks, I hope that you found it to be helpful and informative. You are not alone, many people still don’t know about C V’s and how useful this document can be.

        Many people don’t how to properly write a resume or CV. It takes some skill and practice to correctly put your information on paper. It is highly important to get it correct for employers or others to see. The way that you present your resume or CV says a lot.

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      Hi, Good content throughout the site. This page is probably where I got the most useful information for my information gathering. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. I also like this layout can you tell me where to get it

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    On The Rise To The Top And Counting! 

    Did you know that the Virtual Assistant Business is booming and on the rise to the top. There are over 4,000 Virtual Assistants and counting, today and everyday.


    Virtual Assistants are independent business owners/ contractors, who provide outsourcing services and business management services in administrative/ office support and special business services such as: press release writers & distribution, resumes, typing, networking services, internet-marketing, business consultants, desktop publishing, bookeeping, office management, accounting, real estate, publishers, grant writers and more!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Virtual Assistant business took over the traditional role of an in-house employee, administrative assistant, receptionist, office manager etc…  in the next 10- 20 years or whenever. Who knows, but its more than just a passing fad it is a real career if you want to pursue this line of work. The Virtual Assistant will be the new way to do business and be an extention to your office.

    Would you believe that some people still don’t know about Virtual Assisting? Well some people still don’t and it has been around for some 10 plus years. According to CNN.com and Kathie Thomas, a Virtual Assistant in Australia, states “The term virtual assistant is frequently not looked for because the general public are still not familiar with it”.

    That is very true because if you don’t know about it then you won’t look for a Virtual Assistant. Maybe some people don’t use a Virtual Assistant because they maybe unsure about seeking their help for business/projects or how secure it maybe to work with a Virtual Assistant. Of course their are other reasons but that could be one.

    For those of you who don’t know or haven’t tried a Virtual Assistant, just contact one about the services that they provide or what you may need & ask one if they can assist you with your business or projects. Most of them are willing to answer your questions before you purchase their services.

    CNN.com also states” Those in the industry say it is on the rise because it is cost effective and  The growth is fastest in the USA, medical practioners, legal practioners, realtors, public speakers, and corporate trainers are the most prominent users of V A’s “.


    Of course there are a lot of other types of professionals and people that use a Virtual Assistants services. It costs less to use a Virtual Assistant than an in-house employee. Anyone can purchase services from a Virtual Assistant.

    When I mention that I am a Virtual Assistant to some people the response is huh, what’s that ?, like you have to repeat it again. Then once I explain what it is and my business some say thats a great idea. Well that’s okay with me because I hand them my business card and it becomes free advertisement then I direct them to my website. Some people find it hard to believe that the Virtual Assistant industry exists.

    One bad thing for the industry could be is if a lot of big corporations try to take over the VA~Virtual Assistant Industry, like a temporary service and make it seem as if the only way to get a good Virtual Assistant is through them. Hopefully that will never happen because it could diminish the look of some independent Virtual Assistants. Trust and believe there is room for everyone.

    It’s okay to work for a company if that’s what you want to do or you may be unsure of working for yourself. Do what is best for you. I enjoy working as a Virtual Assistant and being my own boss. I plan to be in it for the long haul.


    Do you need assistance with your business or projects? Then Clerical Business Solutions IS YOUR solution for your business needs.

    Clerical Business Solutions ~ http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net 

    • Kathie Thomas 12:54 pm on September 7, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      That’s why it’s so important that people like you and me keep working at educating the public. Thanks for the mention Renee!

      • Clerical Business Solutions 2:56 pm on September 7, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Kathie,

        You’re welcome. It’s important to keep the word out about the Virtual Assistant Industry. It’s truly growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant

    • Ezekiel Haynes 2:57 pm on September 7, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I hope and believe Virtual Assisants will be around for a while, due to amount of business transactions being done over the internet. Everythings turning to automation and VA’s are a necessary part.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 4:21 pm on September 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Ezekiel,

        Virtual Assistants will be around for a while because of the change in business. The business world is changing all the time and many organizations are looking for innovative & cost-effective ways to operate/ manage their business or projects.

        Maybe one day you’ll decide to work with a Virtual Assistant and see how beneficial one can be in your business or projects.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & Virtual Assistant

    • Michael 5:20 pm on September 7, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant. I just like saying that!

      I want to take some time to read more about this type of service. I have the concept and think it’s a great idea. The benefits to the environment alone are well worth this becoming an extremely hot topic!

      By the way, I ran across your blog via Bumpzee.com

      You left me a little message there and for that I thank you!

      • Clerical Business Solutions 10:10 am on September 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Michael,

        You’re welcome. Virtual Assistant are also known as VA’s. The Virtual Assistant Industry is very beneficial to the environment & business. Working with a Virtual Assistant is a cost-effective, creative and innovative way to handle business. I hope one day that you may try out a Virtual Assistant for yourself just to see how good working with one can be.

        There are many benefits of working with a VA whether you are an individual , professional or business owner. You will see that as time goes by many people will be working with Virtual Assistants and with that collaboration, VA’s will be a good benefit to the business world.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant

    • Richard Rinyai 7:30 pm on September 14, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with this. I have been an Administrative Assistant for a number of years now and have dabbled with becoming a VA in the past. It wasn’t really for me at the time, but you never know, down the road, it might just work.

      I like the fact that VA’s work from home and the company that hires you doesn’t have to pay for the extra costs, such as office space, a computer, etc.


      • Clerical Business Solutions 7:35 pm on September 14, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Richard,

        Maybe one day you may give it a go again. Being a Virtual Assistant doesn’t mean that you are tied to a home office either. Many VA’s are out and about in the business world. With the right strategies and implementation you could have a Virtual Assistant business started all over again.

        Depending on your situation, many times owning a business isn’t right for everyone. Many people are more successful working under someone else or with another business, like freelancing.

        Companies or professionals who choose the right Virtual Assistant (VA) that’s compatible with their needs find their working relationship very rewarding.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & Virtual Assistant

    • Connie Herzog 8:14 pm on September 14, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I have been a VA since 1997, working part-time while parenting my children. I launched my business national in February 2008. It is growing steadily and I’m excited about expanding. It’s cool! and I’m having a blast! The VA business is here to stay!

      • Clerical Business Solutions 8:43 pm on September 14, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Connie,

        I agree. Being a business owner has been very rewarding for me as well. Those who are good at operating a business & who choose to be a VA find it to be rewarding, beneficial and it fits right into their lives.

        Business growth is the key, it keeps your business on top and moving, just like the Virtual Assistant Industry. I wish you much success on your business journey.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & Virtual Assistant

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 10:58 pm on August 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , executive, , , News, small businesses,   

    10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant 

    There are many reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant and many of them do a great job for your business or projects. But here are just a few/ a top-ten list of the many reasons to work with a Virtual Assistant. Once you begin to work with a Virtual Assistant (VA) you will find many MORE REASONS to continue working with a Virtual Assistant:


    1. Flexible Virtual Assistant Services – Virtual Assistants are tax deductible. Most are available after normal working hours or when you need them.

    2. Virtual Assistants are committed to the services that they provide and they are a cost effective solution for everyone.

    3. Virtual Assistants work from their own offices, not in your home or office taking up space.

    4. You only pay for the hours that they work or the service that they provide.

    5. Your success is their success and they are a 100 % invested in your business or projects.

    6. Most Virtual Assistants can offer services on a short term, long term, temporary or emergency basis.

    7. A Virtual Assistant is not your employee, they are Administrative Professionals & Independent Business Owners who are very experienced in many areas of business.

    8. They pay for their own taxes, supplies, insurance and office space.

    9. You can delegate your office tasks to a V A to get you some free time.

    10. You have to pay expenses in hiring and training an employee or temp.

    • suntoni 12:25 am on October 14, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Is a Virtual Assistant certified inanything, ifso, what?

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:56 am on October 14, 2007 Permalink | Reply


        Virtual Assistants are ceritfied in many areas like bookeeping, business management, business consulting, accounting, web design, computers, computer applications, office management and more. The backgrounds of Virtual Assistants vary from one to another. Virtual Assistants are very diverse.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant Service
        “Solutions Start Here!”
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant

    • altheatan 8:14 am on November 29, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Hiring a virtual assistant is less expensive than hiring an employee. Moreover, there is also less hassle in dealing with a virtual assistant than an employee. They are less likely to complain with the salary, benefits and everything.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 8:33 am on November 29, 2007 Permalink | Reply


        That’s true, that Virtual Assistant services can be very inexpensive. Many solo-professionals have choosen to just to work with a professional Virtual Assistant than hiring an in-house assistant.

        I have a client of mine who did that very thing, opted to only work with a Virtual Assistant company. He chose to work with me to help keep his costs low and maintain his projects.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        “Solutions Start Here!”
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant (VA)

    • ellathinks 9:14 am on October 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Definitely! as a virtual assistant, everything you need, want, and asked for will be feed to you. whatever it is, a VA is what you’re looking for.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 8:00 am on October 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply


        Many people have found that out just by working with a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant will be there for you when you need them unlike most employees.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Management Co. & Virtual Assistant Services
        “Solutions Start Here!”
        Renee~Business Consultant & VA

    • virtual assistants 7:31 am on August 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Great post.
      I agree with you.
      Really virtual assistants are inexpensive and are very useful to make money for any company. Most of virtual assistants provides service from home.
      Thanks for sharing…

      Virtual Assistants

    • Racho Alberto Jr L. 6:55 am on March 9, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Virtual assistant is a big help of any business, I am working as Virtual assistant, we provide all the needs of our clients, we help them to expand there business with minimal cost.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 7:37 pm on August 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , News,   

    What Is A Virtual Assistant? 

    A Virtual Assistant is an Executive Administrative Office Professional & Business Owner that provides administrative office support and various business support services to entreprenuers, professionals, business owners, individuals, managers, executives and organizations. Many of them are well versed in various types of business management functions.


    They are highly skilled professionals, independent contractors and entreprenuers. They assist you in a virtual/ online capacity using the internet, phone, email, sometimes in person, fax, postal mail, various courier services, instant messaging services, skype etc.. to complete tasks for their clients.

    Virtual Assistants are known as VA’s, Virtual Business Assistant, Virtual Office Administrator, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Executive, Online Business Manager etc… These are a few of the many names associated with Virtual Assistants.

    Virtual Assistants are available to you when you need them or at a scheduled time and not in your home or office taking up space or on coffee breaks. They are available on a retainer basis, hourly basis or purchase a service. Unlike a temporary employee, you can get continous great service from the same committed person every time and without the problems of hiring an in-house employee or temp.

    Virtual Assistants offer a variety of services and are very experienced. They offer services ranging from administrative/ office support, art dealer, real estate, consulting, bookkeeping, accounting, business management, web design, data entry, publisher, writer, marketing, six sigma, strategic planning, computer expert, grant writing, data entry, resumes, thesis, manuscripts, typing, copy typing, personal assistant, blogs, research and MUCH MORE!

    The list of services goes on and on.  You just have to find the right Virtual Assistant for your needs.

    Remember that a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor and they do not become a part of your business or projects.  If you and the Virtual Assistant that you choose, make an agreement then they can become apart of your business.

    Mostly they are there to provide a helping hand and can become an extension to your office. You can call on a Virtual Assistant one time or as many times as you need them, even if you do have a lot of employees. You don’t have to have a business or employees to use the services of most Virtual Assistants.

    It is important that a customer, who chooses a Virtual Assistant, look to see if that Virtual Assistant has the skills that they need.  There are some Virtual Assistants that may not take it seriously and treat it as an extra hobby, but don’t let that keep you from using a Virtual Assistants services because there are a lot of qualified Virtual Assistants out there.

    Just search for the Virtual Assistant with the skills that you need to complete your tasks.

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