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  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 4:16 pm on October 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Companies Find Alternatives To Layoffs & Closing Business 

    During a recession, many companies may find it difficult to maintain a large portion of their staff during tough economic times. Many of them don’t want to let go of current employees that they have but at the same time they need extra hands and competent minds to help get the job done. Some managers don’t want to add to the current unemployment crisis by increasing layoffs. Many business owners want to avoid closing business all together.
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    So they are seeking alternatives to save money and keep business going in tough economic times. These companies have employed innovative techniques to keep business healthy without shrinking it. Instead of seeking ways to layoff employees, they’ve found alternatives to maintain their staff without additional employee expenses.

    Many of them have found an alternative through outsourcing & utilizing Virtual Assistant Services. With Virtual Assistant (VA) services you gain a partner in business or projects not another employee.

    Instead of taking the time to search for and train new employees you can take advantage of extra hands & a competent, business minded Virtual Assistant (VA). You & your staff can offload, outsource & maintain business with additional help and resources through VA services.

    Onshore outsourcing with VA services can benefit your company as a whole and many business owners have found this to be true. Utilizing VA services helps you to reduce excess overtime work across the board, provides you with extra hands & additional resources, helps to lighten your workload, provides help when you need it, provides you with a resource that you can lean on in the good times and bad times of business.

    This reduces the pressure to have full-time employees with idle days. Many Virtual Assistants have a portfolio of skills not just only clerical. Most Virtual Assistants’ strengths, backgrounds and expertise can provide beneficial input through which you can see ways to improve or benefit your business as a whole.

    Outsourcing with VA services helps you & your workers communicate better & work together. You can leverage the resources of your alternative, The Virtual Assistant today!

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 3:39 pm on July 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    I Want To Start My Business Now 

    Congratulations on wanting to start your new business!! Now that you’ve made up your mind to start your new business venture, it’s time to start moving forward. Starting a new business begins with a thought & an action plan, mostly a strategic plan. Where are you going with this?

    Starting a new business is an empowering and uplifting event. But in the startyeswereopen up phase of your business you must proceed with caution, ’cause there are so many things to consider. Start with a strategic business plan to help get you through and you can modify the plan as you go along.

    There have been many successful businesses that have started with little to no pre-planning at all and they have succeeded quite well and they continue to succeed. Sometimes that may not be the case for everyone. I’m not saying don’t go for it and start your business but don’t rush into business too soon without careful thought, planning and preparation.

    There IS NO SUBSTITUTE for a well prepared business plan and there ARE NO SHORTCUTS to creating it!

    Many start-ups start and fail all within the first five years. Many of them fail within the first 6 months to 1 year. You have to take into consideration many aspects of business such as financing, where to start your business, business structure (sole proprietorship, llc, corporation etc…)

    • Also do you really have what it takes to start a business or even operate one?
    • Do you need the help of investors?
    • Have you done your research on what you want to pursue?
    • Do you have the stamina to go through with it all?
    • Will your type of business be successful?
    • Do you have any pre-planning steps?
    • Is there a market for your type of business?

    There is so much to think about when starting and maintaining a business. Starting is one thing but maintenance is the most important.

    I say go for the gusto and start your business but proceed with caution and seek out sound advice preferably from a business consultant. For many, having business consulting advice can lead you into the right direction Sometimes the advice and/ or support from friends, family or associates might not hurt.

    Do you have the support of friends and/ or family members? Not all friends and family members will be supportive of your ideas. Many times you don’t even need their support.

    So then you have to decide whether or not to start with or without their support or even tell them about your new venture. As passionate as entrepreneurs must be to drive start-ups forward, they also know when to cut losses (hint, hint).

    You need to have a good action plan, you know, a good strategy as to how to go about your new business venture, such as your goals, budget and marketing.You need to spend time working on your business strategy action plan. You need sound implementation steps & then put them into action.

    You also need to review what has been achieved so far and make note of the good and bad steps that you have taken. When you make note of things, you can track your progress, you’ll learn from your mistakes and learn to do things better. Now on your mark, get set, go start your business!!!

    • Sharon Wilson 3:25 am on July 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for sharing these very helpful tips. Entrepreneurship starts with a passion. Strategic planning would be very important coupled with action plans.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:47 am on July 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Sharon,

        You’re welcome, I’m glad that you found them informative. Many wanna-be entrepreneurs and current business owners tend to want to rush things and never give any consideration to planning or they give too little thought to planning and researching their new business venture.

        They just dive right in and then later on down the line, they wonder what went wrong.

        That’s why I stress to my clients about having strategic plans & goals. You can’t go wrong with strategic planning.

    • Peter Baptiste 10:22 am on July 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you. I always tell my clients to get themselves a clear vision to set their sails for the shores of wealth and prosperity.

      More power!

      Find out more tips on how to generate more business & moneyon my website.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 7:14 pm on July 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Peter,

        Many people never develop strategic thinking or planning to help them in their business endeavors. It’s good to have a plan of direction & implementation for what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 9:29 pm on June 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Less Is The New More…Right? 

    There is so much that can be said about our busy lives. To accomplish more, to be more, to do more. In the business world everything is moving so fast and people are trying to just do more to get ahead. But at what cost? Have you thought things through in your efforts to get ahead? Sometimes you have to do more to get ahead and sometimes you have to do less and work with what you have. 20% of your results come from 80% of your efforts.

    So, in your business where are you

    spending most of your time & effort, hmmm…..?


    That’s when you have to apply the 80/ 20 principle. It is a useful benchmarking tool that helps you to identify the areas in your business where you should be putting your main focus then outsourcing the rest. The 80/ 20 principle helps you to do more with less by identifying the areas where you are spending too much of your time & effort and areas where you should spend less time & effort.

    It lets you know where the imbalance in your business or projets are. The imbalance between inputs & outputs, causes & consequences, effort & result, output or rewards. Once you realize this, you & your team will know where to put your focus then you can delegate and outsource the rest. You can utilize external service providers & consultants such as a business strategy consultant or virtual assistant  as your provider for many things except for your core focus.

    Core skills should be focused in-house.  Many support services such as business strategy consulting or Virtual Assistance, helps you to streamline your processes, making it easier for you and your staff to focus on your core competencies and get back to doing what you love most. When your business is overloaded with many tasks, it can make you all lose sight of your main focus. In addition to that it can lead to not maintaining or having a concrete strategy to deal with things.

    Not having a strategic plan or not maintaining your plan only limits you from reaching out to do more for yourself and your business. Trying to do too many things to achieve your business goals can lead to lack of focus & help to lessen the quality of your services, products & productivity.  

    In your effort to do more for your business; be selective, not exhaustive.  Figure out where 20% of effort can lead to 80% of returns. Strive for excellence in a few areas, rather than great in several areas. Strive to do things that you are best at doing then delegate and outsource the rest. Exercise control with the least possible effort. Take time out to utilize the 80/ 20 principal to carefully look at the different aspects of your business to help you redirect your strategy.

    Once you take this step, you may pretty much find that you are doing too many things for too many people. Utilizing this principle is of enormous value in identifying the next steps forward for your business or projects. 80/ 20 thinking applied to your daily life, business, projects and goals can help you to change your behavior to concentrate on the most important 20%. Taking action from the 80 / 20 thinking should lead you to achieve much more with less.

    ~The Author~

    Clerical Business Solutions  ~Business Strategy Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance Services. Providing business consulting & outsourcing services such as administrative support/ business management, project support etc…

    Consulting with you on strategy/ strategic planning, goal setting etc… to start-ups, business owners, managers & professionals who may need some beneficial guidance, business support and/ or too busy to handle their workload themselves, those who may want to offload & outsource or just need beneficial business consulting advice along their business journey. Contact today: http://WWW.CLERICALSOLUTIONSINC.NET   

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 8:00 pm on February 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    The Grim Reality Of A Recession 

    Well we’ve  heard it before, a recession is coming, a recession is coming. Sometime around Dec 2008 Americans were told that they had been in a 200273101-001recession for a full year. It’s a trying and unsettling time for many. There is fear, panic, bankruptcy, Chapter 11, bad credit, layoffs etc…

    If you look left, right, up or down, you’ll hear and see doom and gloom news about the state of the global economy and how bad it is. This bad economy has gripped both businesses and consumers with the fear of their finances, bank accounts, stocks etc… It’s just a financial frenzy.

    Stores and businesses are closing left and right, you would think that some of them would be able to hang in there considering that many of them are huge retailers. People are losing jobs left & right. Where does it all end?

    Well many companies big & small have it bad these days. Are you one of those dealing with the same issues? Issues of : you may have to consider closing up shop, laying off employees, filing for bankruptcy or drastically reducing your prices?

    Times like these can make you indecisive about what to do and where to go. You don’t know if you should close your business for good or just hang in there. That’s why you need a plan, a strategic business plan at that. Stategic planning is so important in times like these because having a strategy is the way to go.

    In a recession you don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. When your budgets are tight, it’s your job to calm your worried customers and capture the few viable prospects that you can get. Also make the most of the people and technology that you already have.  This where strategic plans come in handy.

    Optimize your current technology and utilize equipment to it’s fullest potential. This isn’t the time to experiment with new technology, unless you have the means to do so.

    There no better time like the present for many companies to restructure, revamp and revitalize just to stay afloat or make improvements.  

    Strategic plans help you to make it through the tough times and good times. When you first start up your business you need a business plan and in addition to that you need a strategic plan as you grow your business. It’s a plan for the daily operation of your business. It helps you to forecast where you are going, where you want to go, how to get there and if you got there.

    Are you one of the many business owners who may have never given any thought to strategic planning? Even if you thought about it but felt like it wasn’t needed, contrary to what you may think it is very much needed in every business. With all of this fear, dread and panic going around, I don’t think that you want to take part in that.

    Even I have a strategic plan because I refuse to let this recession bring me down or take away my business. Yes, it is true that in some situations many businesses have no other way to stay in business. But for others you can consider times like these just a temporary setback. With a recession or slow economy, you just can’t sit back and do nothing, if you want to stay in business.

    A strategic plan encompases your marketing strategies, creative thinking, process, teamwork and flexibility.  While your competition is sitting back doing nothing then when the economy gets better you will be ahead of them. Call it what it is, competitive and  this business world is competitive, a never ending rat race. When it’s all said and done and the economy gets better you will out shine the rest because you have your stuff together.

    You have an action plan. And when the going gets tough the tough get going. So make a move and develop your strategic plan today!

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 6:46 pm on January 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Improve Your Decision Making Skills For Greater Success 

    There are many skills that you need in order to maintain a healthy & thinkingcapwhoasuccessful business. But the skill of decision making is a very critical one and of utmost importance.  There is an art & science to making or forming the right decisions.

    If you don’t make the right decisions for your business goals, you could crash & burn.  Sometimes you may need help & beneficial support to make the right decisions & accomplish your goals. That’s where strategic planning & business consulting could come in handy. Because every business or project needs a strategic plan & decision making skills.

    Decision making in management is an important skill and making the right decisions is essential. Every ceo, professional, manager or individual should be looking to improve their decision making skills.

    The process of corporate decision making is of the utmost importance for effective management. Your decision making process in management must be informed by expert knowledge and experience. No matter how skilled you may be with creative (and lateral thinking) techniques, if your focus is weak, the results will be weak or even useless.

    Take time to properly define the problem. What is the issue to be covered? What is the problem? What decisions need to be taken?

    You may feel like you have the solution to an obvious problem that you are facing. Then you may feel like there is no need for continued creative thinking.  Well you may be wrong,  there is a real need, because an adequate solution is not necessarily the best solution.

    Too often, the adequate blocks the best. Once we have an adequate solution, we stop any further thinking. Partly, we do this because further thinking efforts would imply some doubts about our first solution, then you tend to accept many decisions as is.  You must be willing to weigh all options and think things through, dig a little deeper.

    Yet there may be a simpler solution, a cheaper solution or even a solution that’s easier to implement. It is not a matter of a school exercise book problem where there is only one right answer and you cannot be more right than right.

    It does require a great deal of discipline and confidence to go on looking for a possible better solution when you have one that would seem to work.  Some people are not disciplined enough to change their thinking or seek out new strategies.

    Take a look at a few key steps in decision making:

    • Improvement
    • Forecasting
    • Decisions & Alternatives
    • Interpretations of Data
    • Habit & Disicipline


    There are so many things that can be done to make improvements and many of those improvements can be simplified. Taking an avenue of creative effort should be obvious for improvements. Many things can be improved because nothing is perfect. The need for making decisions & problem solving can seem like a never ending cycle.

    cycle1Since you can take a look at some of everything to improve on, this makes it difficult to focus on one specific task. You must develop a laser focus and pinpoint one task at a time because too many at once can be overwhelming and cause to you to accept inadequate solutions.

    Many improvements can be made for speed, simplicity and cost, cutting down on waste and wide application; and acceptance. 

    It’s natural that over time, for things to get complicated and you may even hit a few rough spots.  Take a look at  Business Process Improvement (BPI) which is a systematic approach to help any organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

    BPI focuses on “doing things right” more than it does on “doing the right thing” & remains portable across various industries and functions. You can always learn from others about making improvements to your decision-making, your business & your operations. But develop your own individual creative & simplified approach to things. You need creativity to make your improvements or operations more competitive.


    You will need creativity to look ahead into the future to see what might happen. The field might get very crowded. What are the costs of entry?

    Looking ahead into the future almost always requires creativity. Forecasting is a decision-making skill & the process of estimation in unknown situations. Prediction is a similar, but more general term. Both can refer to estimation of time series, cross-sectional or longitudinal data. Analyze trends and predict by projecting past experience or known data.

    You need to imagine how people and organisations will react to changes. You may have multiple scenarios, there is no one “right” scenario, learn to analyze & look at several. Prior knowledge of past data & situations can help you to dig a little deeper, be more creative & forecast better for the future.

    Decisions &  Alternatives~
    Pay a lot of attention to decision making. When it comes to decision making there may be some obvious alternatives. Then you may need creative thinking to discover the not-so obvious ones.  In an effort to move forward, sometimes you may have to design a way out or for completion in many situations.

    Every decision making process produces a final choice.  The output can be an action or an opinion of choice. In life it can be difficult with so many alternatives & decisions to be made. Sometimes it is necessary to face these challenges to get a significant outcome.

    Interpretation Of Data~

    Many times you may use the interpretation of data to make decisions & design strategies. Steer clear of the danger zone of sticking to just one set of data. Dig deeper to find some alternatives or explanations to your present data.

    Habit & Discipline~
    Creative thinking can help with decision-making &  become a habit of mind so that we are always looking for possibilities. Ask yourself:

    1. How do we do what we want to do?

    2. What do we want to do?

    In addition to the ‘habit’ of creative thinking, there is also the discipline. This involves making a determined effort. We set out to use a creative technique in a deliberate fashion. We can do this to determine a focus. We can do this to find a way of achieving a result. It is important to separate discipline from habit.

    So take some time out to improve on your decision making today!!


    (c) 2009 All rights reserved. Clerical Business Solutions~strategic business planning, consulting & support services. http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net  Renee: renee@clericalsolutionsinc.net

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    Out With The Old, In With The New: Making Changes 

    Well one year has ended & another one has begun. Do you feel stagnate,  with little to no growth or success? Now is the time to put away the same old ways of doing things, refresh & renew.  Have you done that yet? Are youhome_body_picture embarking on something new for this year, for yourself or your buisness? During last year, did you make any new goals & plans for this year?

    If you didn’t you should have, like 6 months ago. Well depending on how deep you are into your business, it may not be too late to implement something new, make some innovative new changes. Sometimes you may even have to start over, a complete makeover.

    Right now it’s a time to look back, celebrate successes and look forward to new opportunities and challenges ahead. For many, this year will be one of our most challenging.

    Because of the way the world has been lately with finances, debt, war etc… I’ve heard from some of my clients and others that they have this sense of  “we’re all in this together”. Somehow that feeling of  “sharing the pain”  has a way of easing the pain. 

    In the business world you just may get left behind, if you are not innovative & creative with your goals & your business, your competition just may get ahead of you. If you are in business you want longevity, you should want to stand above the crowd, strive for success & greatness. So put your best foot forward and make it happen.

    In order to make things better for yourself & your business you need a strategic plan of action & implementation.  Without it, how will you know where you are going? Every business or project needs a plan & a strategic one at that.

    Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to make things happen. Put it like this your “Comfort Zone” is a “Death Zone”. What I mean is that when you get used to doing something, the same way for a long time & you don’t try to stretch out & try something new, means that you are stagnate, you’re not growing.

    That’s when you enter a “Death Zone”, it could mean death for your business or projects. Yes, you may enjoy doing certain things all the time, just make a little change, it doesn’t have to be huge. You should want to strive for greatness, something that will help you to stand above the crowd & create a better business.

    Look to get out of your comfort zone & think outside of the box. Take on something challenging to better educate yourself & your staff. Yes, sometimes change may hurt, become irritating, it may be time-consuming or even challenging.  Sometimes those are the kind of hurdles that you have to face in order to reach success. You may have to tackle changes kicking & screaming but JUST DO IT! GO FOR THE GUSTO!

    If you can’t go at it alone get someone to help, someone who will be with you for the long haul, through the ups & downs of changes.  Then to see your changes or goals become reality. It can lead to greater success if done correctly. When you break out of that same old way of doing things or add to them, you never know what greatness that you can achieve.

    For myself, in the midst of making & learning about changes, it has become very rewarding & things seem a lot clearer.

    1. I have learned that somethings can stay the same, need a little adjustment or challenge.

    2. What has not worked in the past should be eliminated, adjusted or challenged.

    3. In the midst of changes you will have ups & downs. Sometimes those are the kinds of hurdles that you have to face.

    Take out some time to take a look at your business & your life. Are you growing? Are you succeeding? Does anything need adjusting or a complete over haul? Are you being true in  your business practices & for yourself? If not, consider what things will look like if you just get out of your comfort zone & make significant changes.

    Get out your pen, your pad or your laptop, then jot down somethings that you can improve on or eliminate. Make it a plan, make it a strategic plan, with milestones for you to reach as you go along. Put it where you can see it everyday. Take some action & implement your strategic plan today!


    Clerical Business Solutions is a global strategic business management company.

    Assisting clients with strategic management, growth, development, implementation strategies & administrative assistance for their business or projects.  http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net  .  Renee: renee@clericalsolutionsinc.net

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