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    Networking: Is It In You? 

    Being an entrepreneur can take a lot out of you. So maybe the last thing that you want to do is networking. Sometimes (depending on your line of work) networking can be highly important for the success of your business or career. Networking can expand your contact list lead to future sales, expert advice and even business partnerships. But not everyone has the innate ability to network easily and effectively.

    Networking is a skill that can be developed & mastered. Networking isn’t going to come to you you have to get out there and make it work. In networking, being more proactive & more approachable is the key. If you simply just hate networking, well then….you might just have to lose the hatred of networking just to build your business. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do to build your business. Even if it’s something positive but you hate it.  Just try to do it any way you never know what benefits it will bring for you.

    Invest more time in public networking events & internet social networking. Public networking isn’t the time to just simply hand out your business cards & leave. Even though that might be want you really just want to do. It is a time to socialize & get to know people. Then when the opportunity presents itself & the conversation & timing is right, then pass them your business card or tell someone about your business.

    When you are trying to build your contact list, remember quality is better than quantity. The quality of new contacts is more important than the quantity. Just be selective about who’s information that you collect & who gets your information.

    Attend networking events that attract people in your field of business. become more creative in your conversations with people. You have to peek their interest in your business or product. Try not to use a sales pitch or sound like a commercial but just simply explain to people what it is that you actually do. Don’t say things like, “I am the king of business growth”. Don’t use slogans, people want to know you.  Until you try, you just never know that networking could be one of the best strategies for growing your business. So get out there and talk to people.

    If you can’t bring yourself to talk to people in public bring a friend with you or rehearse a speech to help calm your nerves. Try to be more proactive in networking that’s a good way to help build up your confidence. The main goal in networking is to peek peoples interest into your business or products. You have to build their curiosity and excitement about your business.

    Try not to miss an opportunity to network. You never know when just one new contact can have a huge positive impact on your business’ bottom line.

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      Being in an outsourcing company, networking is very important. Networking is a critical skill sales that can’t easily be acquired without effort. The more people you connect with the more you sales opportunities you create. You must have a good PR to everyone.

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      If there’s one thing I fail at when it comes to my business, it’s networking. I don’t understand why I can’t just sit at my computer and make the business work, but it’s truly a necessary evil. Oddly enough once I do get past my misgivings I end up having a lot of fun at social events. Go figure

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        It’s funny how networking is like that. Some people can handle it and some can’t. With networking it takes a little planning, patience, guidance and consulting. You can always utilize management consulting to help you face your fears and deal with the things that you dread doing. You can always utilize the management consulting services of CEO Business Management Solutions http://www.CEOBusinessManagement.com

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    When pitching your business to potential… 

    No matter the size of your business, at some point in time you may need a sales pitch. When pitching your business to potential investors you need to know you audience. Does your company have service products or provide B2B products that require a sales pitch to prospective customers? Customize your speech for your audience. Who is your audience? Dig deep, who are you really talking to? What are their needs?

    Find the needs of your audience, speak to that need. Take time out to do your homework, research. Find out what your potential business investors or clients’ goals are. What do they want to achieve? You must find that need, make it the problem, and solve it. With the research info that you get, use that to fine tune your pitch. Your main focus in a sales pitch is to make a sale. A potential client will only become your actual client when your product or service fits a particular business need in a particular industry.

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    Wise Entrepreneurs Have A Business Plan 

    Starting on a business plan can seem like a daunting task and then you have to get the motivation to get started. But once you get goingbusiness you’ll find that writing the plan is not as tough as it seems. You need to have a plan to give you direction and a firm foundation to start on.

    It’s like driving a car; you need directions in order to get to where you want to go, or you could get lost.

    For a wise entrepreneur, having a business plan is one major step in the right direction. The planning process is the most important, then you have the actual implementation that you have to stick to in order to make it work.

    You prioritize, set your goals, create a mission statement & set implementation steps that’s all in strategic planning. Ask yourself “Where do I see me in five yrs?”

    Business planning is usually conducted when starting a new organization or a new major venture, for example, new product, service or program. Essentially, a business plan is a combination of a marketing plan, strategic plan, operational/ management plan and a financial plan.

    You need to develop a strategy for your business plan. While it may be easy to select a smart-sounding strategy for your plan, I recommend you give a lot of thought to the strategy that will set the course for your business. 

    Sitting down looking at a blank computer screen as you prepare to start your business plan can be daunting. You may want to look at an alternative that can help to make the process a bit easier. Look into hiring a professional such as a strategic business planning service to assist you in your business planning needs.

    A professional business consultant can help you to create a business plan suited for your needs, but you still have to be prepared to think through your business, while working with a consultant and understand the underlying concepts in your business idea.

    The best way to show bankers, venture capitalists, and angel investors that you are worthy of financial support is to show them a great business plan. Make sure that your plan is clear, focused and realistic. Then show them that you have the tools, talent and team to make it happen.

    Your business plan is like your calling card, it will get you in the door where you’ll have to convince investors and loan officers that you can put your plan into action.

    ~About The Author~

    Clerical Business Solutions  ~Business Strategy Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance Services. Providing business consulting & outsourcing services such as administrative support/ business management, project support etc…

    Consulting with you on strategy/ strategic planning, goal setting etc… to start-ups, business owners, managers & professionals who may need some beneficial guidance, business support and/ or too busy to handle their workload themselves, those who may want to offload & outsource or just need beneficial business consulting advice along their business journey. Contact today: http://WWW.CLERICALSOLUTIONSINC.NET   

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    365 Ways To Promote Your Business 

    Hey check out my friend Heidi’s new book:

    365 Ways to Promote Your Business Usin200195865-001g Zany and Non-traditional Holidays:

    Do you find yourself running out of ideas to promote your business?

    Have you come to a standstill with your marketing department?

    Are YOU the Marketing Department of your company?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I strongly urge you to read a message from Heidi Richards Mooney and take advantage of this one-day opportunity.

    Here is a comment about Heidi’s last book ~ the 2008 edition:

    “Heidi’s marketing calendar last year was amazing.  It gave me fun excuses to stay in touch with potential listeners and customers.  It gave me a way to reach out to them without seeming so pushy. Thanks and I cannot wait for the new one!” Pat Montgomery http://www.parentsrulewithpat.com

    I agree with Ms. Montgomery. There are so many “fun” excuses to stay in touch with your customers and clients in Quirky Marketing, the challenge will be in choosing which ones to use.  Be sure and read on and see for yourself why you need to get this book today.

    All the best, ~Renee

    Clerical Business Solutions~ Strategic Business Consulting, Planning & Administrative Support http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net ,email info@clericalsolutionsinc.net

    ABOUT Quirky Marketing ~ 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays:

    Quirky marketing is not about your run-of-the-mill everyday marketing tactic.  It is more than that.  It is a combination of the creative, zany and off-the-wall.  It’s the ordinary marketing tactics taken to a new level – to create a more inspired, fun and interesting process for marketing products and services.  In the Quirky Marketing Calendar you will discover 12 months of quirky, zany and creative marketing ideas from around the globe.

    (To go straight to the offer, please visit http://www.QuirkyOffer.com) 

    In addition to 365 Ideas to promote your business, inside the this 180 page eBook,  I show you how to use the calendar, how to work with the media, give you monthly action plan templates, a blank monthly calendar and more. At the end of each chapter is a comprehensive listing of additional holidays you can explore and use to promote your business. And an expanded resource section.

    Here’s what one reader said of last year’s edition:

    “Marketing my business has not always been in line with the accepted “normal” manner of doing so. I’m known to break the rules and go outside the box to make an impression or to draw attention to my project. I was so delighted with “Your Marketing Calendar~2008” -because, it allowed me to feel ok with my choice of marketing. Gave me new and innovative ideas that I felt had not been over-used by others. Your Marketing Calendar~2008 gave me permission to be off-beat and have fun while working for profit. How much better could it be? Thank you Heidi, I’m looking forward to the next level of your Marketing ideas. Bea Kunz, Sage Hill Farms http://www.sagehillfarmsandvintagestore.com

    You can grab your copy today combined with over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of free bonuses here: http://www.QuirkyOffer.com. When you do you will have instant access to Quirky Marketing and all the Bonuses.

    The bonuses are only available with purchases made today… Then, they will disappear (but the book will still be available on our website!) and will not be seen again… 

    I believe this ebook would make an amazing addition to your ebook library or as a gift for a client or colleague. In fact, if you don’t find at least one idea to use in your business, I will give you your money back.  Guaranteed! But you have to hurry and take advantage of all the amazing bonuses today.  

    Go to: http://www.QuirkyOffer.com 

    To your success… and then some, Heidi Richards Mooney

    Author, Quirky Marketing Calendar ~ 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays.

    P.S. In case you are wondering, this Edition has been expanded from last years (I’ve added 92 pages) to 180 pages.

    P.S.S. Here’s what some other folks said about my past calendars.

    “Thanks for the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2008 Marketing Calendar.  I used it in workshops with new business owners to help them jump start their campaigns. I also shared it with my clients to add a little flair in each month’s projects.  One client expanded  their activities to include health- related holidays. Thank you again for helping me help my clients in their marketing efforts in 2008.” Kim Gray, Emerging Virtual Assistance ~ http://www.emergingva.com

    “Not only did it list cool and wacky holidays throughout the year, but the tips and ideas were invaluable.   I’m looking forward to creating and sending my clients off the wall greeting cards.  I can’t wait to see your new calendar.  Now how do I keep my competitors from seeing this?    I’ll be sure to pass it on to my friends.”  Heidi Caswell ~http://connectsimply.com/blog

    “The 2008 Marketing Calendar was so helpful in not only planning my marketing schedule, but generating ideas for my monthly newsletter, blogs, and writing articles. It’s so nice to have the research done for you and have all the information in one place! Heidi is a true marketing expert and so willing to share her knowledge and experience. I can’t wait for the 2009 calendar and to see all the marketing opportunities available to my business for the year. Thanks as always Heidi!” Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, Healthier Outcomes ~ http://www.healthieroutcomes.com

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      Dear Renee,

      Thanks so much for mentioning Quirky Marketing!

      It was such fun to research and more importantly to implement. I have tried several of the ideas in the book as have my colleagues and friends. It is a winner and I am excited to see it getting attention. Now if we can get everyone who buys a copy to let us know the first idea they are going to use, wouldn’t that be awesome?

      Happy Marketing,

      Heidi Richards Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Coach

    • Clerical Business Solutions 6:15 pm on February 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Heidi,

      No problem, glad to mention it. I’m sure that everyone who gets a copy will be glad that they did. It’s always good to have various ways to market & promote your business such as your calendar ‘365 Ways To Promote Your Business’.

      Clerical Business Solutions
      Consulting, Strategic Planning & Management Solutions

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    Make No Substitutions For Real CRM 

    Many companies are utilizing the tools of social media in relation to CRM. The tools of social media such101 as blogs, wikis, podcasts, UGC (user generated content): comments, review, social tags, bookmarks, rankings, ratings, photos and video are used to foster social interaction, not substitutions for real CRM. No matter what the economy looks like some companies are investing more in various areas of social media tools.

    Other companies need to make a change but don’t. Social media & CRM go hand in hand to some degree. But true, beneficial customer engagements are governed by trust, transparency & personal experience. Some companies try to automate their way out of dealing with the real issues by throwing social media tools at them & mix it with a little marketing, customer service & sales.

    But is that really the way to go?

    Some companies try to use them as an easy out from developing a true customer engagement strategy. These tools are not a substitute for anything. Social media is becoming more of a trend instead of a fad, a new way to do business. Customer service is a great focus point for launching a social CRM initiative because the strength of “social” comes from the strength of the underlying community. Services & support is a natural point where company & customer interests come together. It’s more difficult to build a vibrant community if you start by marketing or selling.

    Social media tools are not a part of the traditional CRM strategy.People want to be engaged. So to be proficient & interactive with people is to get to know them first.

    That way you’ll have a better explanation & understanding of how to incorporate them into your customer engagement strategy. Don’t be afraid to use them. You need to broaden your horizons & try new things to reach people. Use them with caution. Many see CRM as technology but CRM is a strategy enabled by technology. It’s possible to limit yourself by implementing CRM before developing a customer engagement strategy.

    The various social media tools are just that “TOOLS.” Tools to enable you to interact more effectively with people. You may be like many other professionals who may or may not know about how social media tools are changing CRM. Don’t try to automate your way out of customer interaction by throwing social media tools at the real issues. Social media tools are meant to be enablers of beneficial customer interaction not the drivers or substitutions.


    Clerical Business Solutions

    Virtual Assistant Services & Business Consulting http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net

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    Help Your Business By Improving Your Surveys0. 

    The decisions that you make towards your success in business can stem from how effective your surveys are. Gather info on how your customers feel about your products or services, your employees etc… A very effective way Ebook:Strengthen Your Business In A Recessionthat you can tell how your company is doing is by conducting a thorough survey of your customers/ clients.

    You can create a survey by using a survey form. There are several ways to gather information for your surveys. You can start with surveying the your current clients/ customers by email, a group meeting such as a seminar, anonymous survey by mail, a booth in the mall or the phone.  The way that you design and implement your survey determines how effective it will be. You will know that you have a weak or strong survey by your results.

    So what makes a good survey? Well your design and implementation is very important. When you construct your surveys do not create questions that will influence answers.  For example: in a questionnaire directed toward employees about ideas for the company’s future growth, questions such as: “Do you feel our company should prepare for changes in the industry?” Questions like that elicit obvious positive responses. Instead, wording should be more specific, such as: “Name the single most important change the company should consider during the upcoming year.”

    Make your questionnaire specific.Don ‘t ask: “What is your opinion of the new phone system?” Instead, say: “Give specific examples of how the new phone system has benefited your work.” You might add a follow-up question to cover opposite responses, such as: “Site specific ways in which the new phone system has hindered your work.”

    Just keep questionnaires brief and to the point. Respondents tend to become irritated when asked too many questions or if it takes too long. This could influence the accuracy of results.

    You can keep it simple and not too many long drawn out questions, If you need written answers keep them very short fill in the blanks. Instead, use scales that allow them to select their degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction like 1-10 and 10 being the highest level of satisfaction.

    For example, the question: “Are you satisfied with the service you received from our receptionists?” could be followed by selections that the respondent could circle: Very satisfied, Satisfied, or Not satisfied. Keep choice of selections to a minimum. This makes it easier for respondents.

    Following the scale of choices, the questionnaire could include space for the respondent to write specific reasons for being satisfied or dissatisfied. At the left of this space include: Reasons, Please explain or Examples. This will allow the respondent to describe specific situations, and may prove helpful in the overall evaluation of the survey.

    When creating the page layout of a survey questionnaire (and even when writing the questions), find sample surveys that you can use as a basis for your design. This will make things simpler than designing from scratch. Survey forms can be obtained through local Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Administration centers or the Internet.

    When conducting a survey, make sure that you’re addressing the people who will give you the most accurate and useful information. For example, if you’re interested in finding out what customers feel about you, don’t limit your survey to only your most loyal customers.

    In general, the more people you survey, the more accurate the results. A survey among 25 people isn’t as strong as a survey among 100 or 1,000 people. The exception is, of course, when only a small number of people can give you the information you need.

    If your survey is attempting to gather and document information that is vital to your company, consider hiring research experts to design and conduct the survey for you. These firms specialize in market research and can make sure that results are statistically valid. You can locate research firms in the Yellow Pages or the internet, under “Market Research Companies” or “Marketing Consultants.”

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    Watch Out For IRS Scams 

    There are many identity theft schemes that use the IRS name in order to get your personal information. They come to you through unsolicited phone calls, unsolicited emails from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).  Be careful because you are not talking to the IRS like you may think that you are.

    There have been over 200 complaints about phishing schemes reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center since 2006. These phishing schemes falsely use the IRS name as bait. Now the scammers have new tricks up their sleeves. They use personalized email greetings, the promise of tax rebates, sometimes threats to get you to give up your personal information. Don’t fall for these tactics.

    Don’t give out your personal information to anyone that you have not contacted yourself. If they say that they are the IRS then call the IRS for yourself to verify their claims before you give out your information.

    Don’t fall for these IRS scams:

    Scam # 1. Tax Refund Emails

    The scammers will use the IRS name & logo in an email to fool you. Contact the IRS if you receive one of these emails to verify if the IRS really did send you the email. The IRS name & logo may look real but look closely at the footer on the bottom of the email it will have a copyright 2008, IRS U.S.A. That may look real but it usually is copied and pasted onto the email. Most scams come from overseas and have a lot of misspelled words, incorrect grammer etc…

    Also the subject line may have “Notice From the IRS” and have IRS in the domain name. Some emails will have a link in the email for you to click in order to claim your refund. Don’t click this link.  If you do it will take you to a fake IRS claim form for you to fill out with all of your personal information. They want your social security number or the numbers of your family members, credit card numbers, address and/ or your bank account information.

    That gives a wealth of information to criminals. The scammers will use it for identiy theft or sell it on the black market. Don’t get so curious to click the link in these emails because you just may download malware onto your computer which will hunt for your personal information. “Curiousoty killed the cat”

    The IRS will not use emails to tell you about your refunds or rebates. If you are expecting a refund or rebate check out the IRS, Where’s My Refund Tool to locate your refund.  Report fake emails & phishing scams to phishing@irs.gov .

    • IRS Tax Forms 1-800-892-3676
    • IRS 24Hour/ 7 days Tax Info, Refund Status 1-800-829-4477
    • IRS Tax Help Line (Individuals)1-800-829-1040,(Business)1-800-829-4933
    • IRS Refund Hotline 1-800-829-1954
    • IRS Tax Fraud Violations 1-800-829-0433
    • National Taypayer Advocate 1-877-777-4778
    • Tax Exempt Government Entities 1-877-829-5500 

    Scam # 2. Rebate Phone Calls

    For many years there have been fake phone callers who impersonate IRS employees. They tell you that you can get your rebate early for filing your taxes early. The scammers will ask for your bank account information and if you refuse then they will deny your refund. That’s a lie so don’t fall for it.  The scammers will use current events in American Government to fool you. They are using the recently passed rebate legislation by Congress as a con.

    If you get one of these phone calls just hang up the phone and call the IRS for yourself to check it out.  Your real notification of a rebate will come in a letter from the IRS not an email.  Checks will start coming out in May.  If you want your money direct deposited you must include it in your tax return.

    Scam # 3. Check Verification Phone Calls

    A fake IRS employee calls consumers telling them that the IRS mailed them a check that you haven’t cashed and ask for your bank account information. The IRS will never call you about not cashing a check. The IRS doesn’t mind if you don’t cash it right away. To see what’s happening to your rebate check out the IRS, Where’s My Refund Tool.

    Lesson To Learn :

    The IRS communicates with taxpayers through the U.S. Postal mail. To report fake scams, fake phone calls and emails to phishing@IRS.gov .

    Scam # 4. Audit Emails

    Audit emails is a new scam which will threaten you or scare you into giving up your personal information. They tell you that your refund will not be granted to you because your tax refund is being audited. It also includes a link to a fake form for you to fill out.

    These emails will greet you by your name. They get this information from social networking sites and hacked computers to target their emails.

    The IRS does not send out unsolicited emails or phone calls.

    Clerical Business Solutions

    Renee-Virtual Assistant  Email: info@clericalsolutionsinc.net

    Web: http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net   

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      Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.SirWinstonChurchillSir Winston Churchill, 1874-1965

    • 9/11 Truth 6:16 pm on July 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.TheodoreRooseveltTheodore Roosevelt

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    Virtual Assistants vs. Virtual Staffing Companies 

    Do Virtual Assistant Staffing Agencies help or hurt the Virtual Assistant Industry?  Well… yes and no. There are some good and bad Virtual Assistant Staffing Agencies that aren’t a good look for the Virtual Assistant Industry. Because of a few bad companies some clients get burned by them and may form a bad opinion about the entire Virtual Assistant Industry. When that happens some good and potiential clients may not give a second thought to trying a professional independent Virtual Assistant company.

    04_titan_boxing_spotlight 0003

    Some staffing companies promote their workers as being able to do everything in the world. In reality no one person or company can do everything in the world, providing every service. Thats like an accountant trying to be a nurse, doctor, and run a business. When they promote their VA’s as being able to accomplish every tasks then you have to wonder, how true is this. The employees of some of these staffing agencies have been known to not do the work, produce substandard work or half way complete assignments.

    Through a staffing company, the clients are handed to the employee. Some staffing companies promote how cheap their services are, which are from $8 -$15 an hour some are as low as $ 5.00 an hour. Cheap doesn’t always mean a bargain. But with a professional independent Virtual Assistant many of them work hard for their clients. They have invested time and energy in their clients business or projects. The success of a clients business is their success. When their clients succeed they succeed.

    Like I stated in my other post ” On The Rise To The Top & Counting!” the Vitual Assistant industry is growing by leaps & bounds and people are learning about it everyday. Once you learn about a professional Virtual Assistant then you learn the value of contracting and doing business with one. The good name of professional Virtual Assistants is being damaged by some of the bad virtual staffing agencies. Some of them have inexperienced workers sometimes inexperience can lead to substandard work.

    In the end you get what you pay for. Some of these staffing agencies have cheap prices that they try to pass off as a bargain. Their cheap prices are appealing & tempting to prospective clients. As you can see there is a big difference between professional Virtual Assistants and virtual staffing companies.

    When you learn about a professional Virtual Assistant then you learn what they are, their value & benefit to your company or projects, what should you should & shouldn’t expect from them.

    Professional Virtual Assistants don’t promote themselves as being able to do everything in the world. If you find one that does then that may be misleading or it could be true. You can decide what’s best for you.

    That’s why there are so many Virtual Assistants because alot of them have a niche, specific services and/or similar services. No one person or company can be all things to all people. Professional Virtual Assistants have a variety of skills and services.

    Dirt cheap assistance ends up costing the customer more in the long run. Some staffing companies try to get the clients to spend more money. But with a professional Virtual Assistant they don’t coax you into spending more money. You decide what services to purchase, how often and when.

    Virtual Assistants are independent business owners or a Multi-VA practice that provide administrative assistance and other business services to business owners, individuals and professionals.  Workers at virtual staffing agencies are remote workers, freelancers & employees, there’s a big difference. A note to Virtual Assistants: make sure that you know your skills and know them well when you promote your business.


    • Darrell Williams - Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services 2:34 pm on September 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I just wanted to make a distinction between Multi-VA practices and virtual staffing agencies. A Multi-VA practice is a team of virtual assistants. They either work together on projects or the team member that has the most experience and skills in the area of the project completes the project.

      Usually the rates are the same as other VAs. Utilizing a Multi-VA team means that there is always an expert available to you for whatever tasks you need completed.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:13 pm on September 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Darrell,

        That’s good that you point that out because many business owners or professionals need to know that when deciding on which method to use such as a multi-va practice or a freelance agency.

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistant
        Renee~Business Consultant & Virtual Assistant

    • Richard 9:31 am on October 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, Today I visit Your site. It’s content are very informative and good.

      • Clerical Business Solutions 10:20 am on October 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Richard,

        Thanks for visiting, glad that you found it informative

        Clerical Business Solutions
        Business Strategy Consulting & Virtual Assistance
        Renee~Business Strategist & VA

    • Joyce 7:48 pm on January 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply


  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 2:48 pm on September 13, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Resumes & Curriculum Vitae(C V ) 

    If you are writing a resume it isn’t exactly a speedy process. First you got to do the brainstorming. Second you have to write then rewrite your educational and work histories until your resume perfectly boasts about your background. Plus there’s all that proofreading.

    First let’s start off with:

    Curriculum Vitae, ( C V )

    Curriculum Vitae is also know as a “C V”, which is latin for “course of ones life.”  A Curriculum Vitae is a longer version of a resume, it’s more detailed than a regular resume. It has several pages sometimes 7–10 pages long because of all the detailed information that must be included. It is a very detailed list of your educational and academic backgrounds which include jobs, teaching experiences, education, research experiences, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.

    In the United States a “C V “ is mainly used when applying for international (education, employment, overseas U.S. government opportunities, internships etc..). It’s also used in American academic/ education/ research/ scientific positions, fellowships, government positions or grants. As with a resume, you made need different versions of a ” C V “ when applying for different positions. If you are applying for jobs/ positions or education outside of the United States expect to send a “C V” instead of a resume.


    Your resume may have taken you hours or days to ponder over and then write. A Resume is a summary of your background & skills.  A hiring manager will typically spend less than one minute reviewing it after all the hard work that you put into it.  

    If your resume has any obvious errors, employers will not hesitate to delete it.  There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings. Depending on your personal circumstances choose a chronological, functional, combination, electronic or targeted resume.

    Some may even say that paper resumes are a thing of the past. With so much correspondence conducted through the internet and text messages, mailing an actual paper resume may seem passe’.

    You can’t doubt that advancing technology has made daily activities like paying bills, shopping and research fast, easy and convenient. With the plethora of online job search sites that let you upload or email resumes, applying to jobs is no exception to this rule.  When it comes to submitting applications the most convenient method isn’t always the best. There is still a need for paper resumes.

    Paper resumes may be underutilized and that doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant in todays high-tech world. Anyway that you can stand out as a job seeker you should. If some people are sending email then you send paper. A paper resume is more portable than electronic resumes and in some cases it may be easier to read. 

    Submitting a paper resume reduces formating errors that can happen with electronic resumes. You can send paper and electronic resumes when applying for jobs.  Some companies prefer the old fashion way of finding employees.  If you come across a job listing that doesn’t have an email listed then paper is the way to go.  Some companies don’t list an email address because they want it sent the old fashion way through the mail.

    • Matt 3:22 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting post…I’ve always seen “C.V.” before, but never knew what it stood for! 🙂 I also came across this helpful video series about resumes & cover letters: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/3738-how-has-resume-writing-changed-in-the-past-10-years

      Anyway, thanks for the helpful information!


      • Clerical Business Solutions 4:58 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks, I hope that you found it to be helpful and informative. You are not alone, many people still don’t know about C V’s and how useful this document can be.

        Many people don’t how to properly write a resume or CV. It takes some skill and practice to correctly put your information on paper. It is highly important to get it correct for employers or others to see. The way that you present your resume or CV says a lot.

    • Foreclosure Help 3:54 am on March 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, Good content throughout the site. This page is probably where I got the most useful information for my information gathering. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. I also like this layout can you tell me where to get it

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