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    When pitching your business to potential… 

    No matter the size of your business, at some point in time you may need a sales pitch. When pitching your business to potential investors you need to know you audience. Does your company have service products or provide B2B products that require a sales pitch to prospective customers? Customize your speech for your audience. Who is your audience? Dig deep, who are you really talking to? What are their needs?

    Find the needs of your audience, speak to that need. Take time out to do your homework, research. Find out what your potential business investors or clients’ goals are. What do they want to achieve? You must find that need, make it the problem, and solve it. With the research info that you get, use that to fine tune your pitch. Your main focus in a sales pitch is to make a sale. A potential client will only become your actual client when your product or service fits a particular business need in a particular industry.

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    Many laid-off workers have considered go… 

    Many laid-off workers have considered going into business for themselves. Many of them have already started. Since the job market is tight competitive and crowded, self- employment seems like the next best thing. Since you’ve been laid off into a recession, in the worst job market, you may be thinking self-employment seems like a good way out of unemployment. If you are headed in this direction, a good way to start is by becoming a freelancer or consultant in your field of work. Many self employed entrepreneurs started out this way & have been successful, then many haven’t.

    Before just diving right off into the self-employment circle:

    1. Put Some Fore Thought Into Starting & maintaining a business or just being a freelancer.
    2. Decide what your goals are, what your strategy is & how freelancing or owning a business will help you achieve them.
    3. Thinking about long-term & short-term goals from the start will keep you grounded and help you to determine how to move forward.
    4. When you have a clear understanding of your goals, ask yourself: “What are the specific skills, knowledge, money, resources, information, contacts & support that I need to make it happen?”

    There’s more to business than just putting a sign up and saying: “Hey world, look I’m in business!” There’s a lot that you need to look at and consider. Do not be discouraged, you can start a business or be a freelancer and be successful. It all depends on what you’re trying to do and what you’re great at doing.

    Sometimes starting a business is the best option for many laid-off workers and many of them should’ve started a long time ago. You have to stop and think about a lot of things when starting a business. You really need to take a good look at yourself, your life, do a self-assessment test to see if you have that entrepreneurial gene, entrepreneurial skills. Then if you do, think about how you’re going to get started and where will you get support from.

    You can always seek out consulting advice and for your business, outsource your office management support to help you get started. That could help you in starting a business become a lot easier. Well now….what’s next?

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    6 Tips For Better Business Planning 

    There is so much that goes into managing and developing a business. It’s all about the plans that you make. Your business plans don’t have to be set in stone. They need to be flexible and strategic. Business plans provide a strategic planning services of Clerical Business Solutionsfoundation for success, growth and longevity. Developing strategic business plans are imperative for the success of your business. In addition to the implementation of those set plans. What are plans without the implementation?

    You can maximize business growth and minimize risk through effective strategic and contingency business planning. Flexible business planning and goal setting is an essential part of business development and ongoing success.

    1. Don’t Just Plan For Today.

    Create plans in a long term view. You should make plans for at least 4-5 yrs from now. What are your plans for the future? Who do you plan to have in charge? Do you plan to grow then sell? Do you plan to utilize outsourcing? Revise your plans as your business grows. If your business doesn’t grow then you still need to revise your plans to improve growth efforts.

    2. Make Clear & Precise Plans.

    Make clear & precise plans for the daily management of your business. They  should be clear to everyone involved. Additions and subtractions to your plans should be made known to all that are involved.

    3. DIY: Do It Yourself.

    Many people take the time out to make business plans themselves. In this case, you can get to know your business better and discover things that you never thought about.

    4. Don’t just stuff your plans in a box to forget about them.

    Set aside some time to review them on a regular basis and make changes.

    5. Don’t just keep your plan to yourself.

    Show your plans to others that you can trust and get beneficial advice on what you’ve created so far.

    6. Involve strategic planning.

    A strategic plan can make for a better business plan. Strategic planning helps you to dig deeper and achieve desired results. It can help you to better determine your S.W.O.T: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

    Avoid costly mistakes such as worrying too much about how things will work out and waiting to the last minute. Just jump right in and plan. Set specific goals. Avoid overestimating or underestimating plans. Set targets and figures that you have the means to achieve now. They can be adjusted as you go along to do more or cut back. You can utilize a business plan template to look at but your business plan must be specific & tailored for your business.

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    The Grim Reality Of A Recession 

    Well we’ve  heard it before, a recession is coming, a recession is coming. Sometime around Dec 2008 Americans were told that they had been in a 200273101-001recession for a full year. It’s a trying and unsettling time for many. There is fear, panic, bankruptcy, Chapter 11, bad credit, layoffs etc…

    If you look left, right, up or down, you’ll hear and see doom and gloom news about the state of the global economy and how bad it is. This bad economy has gripped both businesses and consumers with the fear of their finances, bank accounts, stocks etc… It’s just a financial frenzy.

    Stores and businesses are closing left and right, you would think that some of them would be able to hang in there considering that many of them are huge retailers. People are losing jobs left & right. Where does it all end?

    Well many companies big & small have it bad these days. Are you one of those dealing with the same issues? Issues of : you may have to consider closing up shop, laying off employees, filing for bankruptcy or drastically reducing your prices?

    Times like these can make you indecisive about what to do and where to go. You don’t know if you should close your business for good or just hang in there. That’s why you need a plan, a strategic business plan at that. Stategic planning is so important in times like these because having a strategy is the way to go.

    In a recession you don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. When your budgets are tight, it’s your job to calm your worried customers and capture the few viable prospects that you can get. Also make the most of the people and technology that you already have.  This where strategic plans come in handy.

    Optimize your current technology and utilize equipment to it’s fullest potential. This isn’t the time to experiment with new technology, unless you have the means to do so.

    There no better time like the present for many companies to restructure, revamp and revitalize just to stay afloat or make improvements.  

    Strategic plans help you to make it through the tough times and good times. When you first start up your business you need a business plan and in addition to that you need a strategic plan as you grow your business. It’s a plan for the daily operation of your business. It helps you to forecast where you are going, where you want to go, how to get there and if you got there.

    Are you one of the many business owners who may have never given any thought to strategic planning? Even if you thought about it but felt like it wasn’t needed, contrary to what you may think it is very much needed in every business. With all of this fear, dread and panic going around, I don’t think that you want to take part in that.

    Even I have a strategic plan because I refuse to let this recession bring me down or take away my business. Yes, it is true that in some situations many businesses have no other way to stay in business. But for others you can consider times like these just a temporary setback. With a recession or slow economy, you just can’t sit back and do nothing, if you want to stay in business.

    A strategic plan encompases your marketing strategies, creative thinking, process, teamwork and flexibility.  While your competition is sitting back doing nothing then when the economy gets better you will be ahead of them. Call it what it is, competitive and  this business world is competitive, a never ending rat race. When it’s all said and done and the economy gets better you will out shine the rest because you have your stuff together.

    You have an action plan. And when the going gets tough the tough get going. So make a move and develop your strategic plan today!

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    Too Many Tasks? Then A Virtual Assistant May Be What You Need. 

    With too much to do and no time to do it in can cause problems for your business or projects. Many people lead busy lives or have a busy business. Many times you and/ or your team may be taking on new clients and you need a helping hand.  At times your work may seem like it’s too much to handle and you may wish that you could just throw everything away and call it quits. But you know that you can’t cause there’s work to be done. Everyone can benefit from the services of a Virtual Assistant : students, individuals, entreprenuers, businesses and organizations.


    For Students and Individuals, a Virtual Assistant can help with typing school assignments, letters, forms, documents, resumes, thesis, dissertations, manuscripts etc… Hiring a Virtual Assistant can relieve you of the burden of monotonous paper work or office duties.

    The services available among Virtual Assistants vary from bookkeeping, accounting, business consulting, database manangement, office management, data entry, resumes, thesis, grant typing, answering phone calls, making appointments etc….

    It’s beneficial to outsource to a Virtual Assistant (V A ) they only charge for the work completed or services provided. By outsourcing to a V A you don’t have to pay for the expenses of an in-house employee: taxes, benefits, office space, sick pay, maternity leave etc…

    Some V A’s offer discounts to new clients or existing clients. Many V A’s offer retainer plans to ensure you of their availibility. If you have employees or a business a Virtual Assistant can take on some of your employees workload & work with them. A Virtual Assistant can be an extension to your office in addition to your employees.

    If you don’t have a business or employees you can still use the services of a Virtual Assistant. If you don’t have the time to do a task or just don’t want to do it,  then hand it over to a Virtual Assistant.

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    The Author~

    Do you need assistance with your business or projects? Then Clerical Business Solutions IS YOUR solution in your time of need.

    Clerical Business Solutions  ~ Provides Business Strategy Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance Services. Outsourcing services such as implementation, administrative support/ business management, e-books, thesis, project support etc… http://www.clericalsolutionsinc.net

    Consulting with you on implementation, strategy/ strategic planning, goal setting etc…, to start-ups, business owners, managers & professionals who may need some beneficial guidance & business support. Those who may be too busy to handle their workload themselves, who may want to offload & outsource or just need beneficial business consulting advice along their business journey.

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