When pitching your business to potential…

No matter the size of your business, at some point in time you may need a sales pitch. When pitching your business to potential investors you need to know you audience. Does your company have service products or provide B2B products that require a sales pitch to prospective customers? Customize your speech for your audience. Who is your audience? Dig deep, who are you really talking to? What are their needs?

Find the needs of your audience, speak to that need. Take time out to do your homework, research. Find out what your potential business investors or clients’ goals are. What do they want to achieve? You must find that need, make it the problem, and solve it. With the research info that you get, use that to fine tune your pitch. Your main focus in a sales pitch is to make a sale. A potential client will only become your actual client when your product or service fits a particular business need in a particular industry.