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  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 8:58 pm on June 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Effective Internal Communications Lead To Success 

    In a effort to achieve success & have smooth running operations, an organization or business needs a solution. An effective & cohesive communications solution. Effective communications helps a company adapt to changes. Many organizations need to improve on their internalcommunications communications. Business communication encompasses a huge body of knowledge both internal & external for your business.

    For now we’ll focus on internal communication. Improvements to communications, help to lay the foundation for cohesiveness, effectiveness & success,internally & externally.

    At times upper management or leaders misinterpret communications to be the same as paperwork or bureaucracy and many times they may be unwilling or inattentive to a high degree of communications.

    With the growth of a business, internal communication becomes even more important. Sometimes having a multi-tiered strategy can be best. Effective internal communications start with basic skills in listening, speaking, questioning and sharing feedback.

    Internal workplace communication includes communication of corporate vision, strategies, plans, corporate culture, shared values and guiding principles, employee motivation, cross-pollination of ideas etc, etc…….

    Effective listening is a big part of communications, surrender rather than dominate. What I mean is take time to really consider what the others are saying. I’m not saying that you have to agree but absorb with your hearing what others are saying, take time out to think about it, discuss with others then make a conclusion etc….

    Trying to over-power others in the conversation/ discussion sometimes gets nowhere fast. Take into consideration what others are saying and truly give it some thought (even if you have to write things down), be more receiving than broadcasting, cooperate more than bicker etc….  Some where along those lines.

    Many organizations understand the importance of developing strategic plans to guide longer term decision-making, but within those strategic plans, few organizations address INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS. Many times internal communications are developed reactively,when there’s a crisis or major event then it’s left to the individual to determine how and when to communicate with staff.

    Unless management comprehends and fully supports the premise that organizations must have high degrees of communications, the organization will remain at a stand still. Many times a business learns the need for communication by having to respond to the lack there of.

    • Flash 6:46 am on July 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Great post!

    • Pat Rocchi 5:28 pm on July 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with your thoughts, but I believe that you missed an important element. That is HONESTY, which is sorely missing in corporate internal communications. I elaborate here. http://tinyurl.com/InternalPat

      • Clerical Business Solutions 3:24 am on July 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Pat,

        Very true. Honesty is one major element that is missing in many organizations. Many times it is rarely discussed. Many people know right from wrong and even disagree on what’s right and wrong in many organizations. Too many of them look for the easy way out and to cut corners. And few of them take the time to consider if the choices that they are making are honest & ethical.

        Within the organization many don’t seem to realize that honesty is the best policy for establishing trust amongst employees, clients, community and stockholders. It should be taken into to consideration, discussed thoroughly in the open amongst those within the organization and most importantly IMPLEMENTED.~Clerical Business Solutions

    • Frank Scurley 10:42 pm on October 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply

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      …..Frank Scurley

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  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 5:14 pm on June 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    You Get What You Pay For 

    In any economy people want to get more bang for their buck and finding the right service or products to fulfill those needs can be time consuming & costly. You could end up switching from service to service which will waste your time and energy.                                                            300_56091

    Well cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Many seem to feel that they can get a great service done for cheaper, save money and time but that’s quite the contrary. Usually when you go for cheaper price you get cheaper service in terms of quality and dependability. You want top value and top quality.

    Many businesses have solutions to problems and sometimes when prices are too low they can be too good to be true. When you are looking for a service to fulfill your needs concentrate on value more than pricing. Many times it could be better to pay a service provider or consultant a higher price for a 1 hour session or service and get top value and benefits from that service than to pay a lesser price to someone or a business who will give you less than what you deserve or want. 

    With cheaper services or products you could end up with lack of communication skills, inferior service with little to no benefits for you or your business. Look at it this way; don’t get too caught up in the numbers~price is what you pay value is what you get. Most of us worry about money — how to earn it, how to save it, how to manage it, how to get as much as we can while spending as little as possible.

    Many people want information, a product or service provider who is fueled by their passion, drive and dedication to help you succeed in your business or projects. Sometimes price is a reflection of that. Many may disagree but only time will tell when you invest time and money into a business that you want or need to provide a serivce for you.

    Often, the most straight-forward and simple money-saving tricks work well but, at some point, the “just spend less money” approach isn’t helpful advice or a sound business practice. Yes, sometimes a business needs to look at ways to cut costs, save money & still operate efficiently, but you have to be careful where you decide to cut costs.

    It will likely cost you more money at the end of day when contrasted with true professionals.

    Money is one of the greatest tools in life. It can buy convenience, freedom, fun experiences, memorable events, and all sorts of things that make life more comfortable. But money can also be frittered away, scattered on a pile of small things that have little impact on your life or business or spent on big-ticket items that have small-ticket results.

    Many times many businesses will overhype and under deliver. When deciding on your next service provider, take time out to look at the value that you’d receive for your time and money. If you want value, measurable, sustainable results & solutions for your business, projects, time and money take a look into many of the options that are available to fulfill your needs.

    ~The Author~

    Clerical Business Solutions  ~Business Strategy Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance Services. Providing business consulting & outsourcing services such as administrative support/ business management, project support etc…

    Consulting with you on strategy/ strategic planning, goal setting etc… to start-ups, business owners, managers & professionals who may need some beneficial guidance, business support and/ or too busy to handle their workload themselves, those who may want to offload & outsource or just need beneficial business consulting advice along their business journey. Contact today: http://WWW.CLERICALSOLUTIONSINC.NET   


    • Casper Cole 1:23 pm on June 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      i feel exactly the same way. if a product or service is available cheap, there always has to be a catch. Especially when choosing any particular service you have to be very careful and take your time and research everything and never dive into anything you would regret.


      • Clerical Business Solutions 2:06 pm on June 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Casper,

        It’s always good for anyone to be mindful of the things that they purchase, especially if they are looking for long term investments in a product or service. Sometimes price is an indicator of that. By just taking a look at what you’d get for your money can help a lot.

        Clerical Business Solutions~
        Business Consulting & Project Management (Virtual Assistant Services), Outsourcing

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 9:29 pm on June 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Less Is The New More…Right? 

    There is so much that can be said about our busy lives. To accomplish more, to be more, to do more. In the business world everything is moving so fast and people are trying to just do more to get ahead. But at what cost? Have you thought things through in your efforts to get ahead? Sometimes you have to do more to get ahead and sometimes you have to do less and work with what you have. 20% of your results come from 80% of your efforts.

    So, in your business where are you

    spending most of your time & effort, hmmm…..?


    That’s when you have to apply the 80/ 20 principle. It is a useful benchmarking tool that helps you to identify the areas in your business where you should be putting your main focus then outsourcing the rest. The 80/ 20 principle helps you to do more with less by identifying the areas where you are spending too much of your time & effort and areas where you should spend less time & effort.

    It lets you know where the imbalance in your business or projets are. The imbalance between inputs & outputs, causes & consequences, effort & result, output or rewards. Once you realize this, you & your team will know where to put your focus then you can delegate and outsource the rest. You can utilize external service providers & consultants such as a business strategy consultant or virtual assistant  as your provider for many things except for your core focus.

    Core skills should be focused in-house.  Many support services such as business strategy consulting or Virtual Assistance, helps you to streamline your processes, making it easier for you and your staff to focus on your core competencies and get back to doing what you love most. When your business is overloaded with many tasks, it can make you all lose sight of your main focus. In addition to that it can lead to not maintaining or having a concrete strategy to deal with things.

    Not having a strategic plan or not maintaining your plan only limits you from reaching out to do more for yourself and your business. Trying to do too many things to achieve your business goals can lead to lack of focus & help to lessen the quality of your services, products & productivity.  

    In your effort to do more for your business; be selective, not exhaustive.  Figure out where 20% of effort can lead to 80% of returns. Strive for excellence in a few areas, rather than great in several areas. Strive to do things that you are best at doing then delegate and outsource the rest. Exercise control with the least possible effort. Take time out to utilize the 80/ 20 principal to carefully look at the different aspects of your business to help you redirect your strategy.

    Once you take this step, you may pretty much find that you are doing too many things for too many people. Utilizing this principle is of enormous value in identifying the next steps forward for your business or projects. 80/ 20 thinking applied to your daily life, business, projects and goals can help you to change your behavior to concentrate on the most important 20%. Taking action from the 80 / 20 thinking should lead you to achieve much more with less.

    ~The Author~

    Clerical Business Solutions  ~Business Strategy Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance Services. Providing business consulting & outsourcing services such as administrative support/ business management, project support etc…

    Consulting with you on strategy/ strategic planning, goal setting etc… to start-ups, business owners, managers & professionals who may need some beneficial guidance, business support and/ or too busy to handle their workload themselves, those who may want to offload & outsource or just need beneficial business consulting advice along their business journey. Contact today: http://WWW.CLERICALSOLUTIONSINC.NET   

  • Renee: CEO Coach & Management Specialist 6:33 pm on June 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Need Help? Get Administrative Support 

    No organization or project can succeed without beneficial support from behind the scenes. And that’s what administrative support is. It’sSSSS%20pic%20man%20with%20papers%20resized the teamwork from behind the scenes that helps you to maintain a strong internal structure. Without it, many projects would fail and many businesses couldn’t succeed or struggle to survive.

    With the proper administrative support by your side helps you to improve on your business or projects and helps you to branch out and offer many other services or pursue other interests.

    You can obtain administrative support & sound business advice from Clerical Business Solutions, a leader in business consulting & business management services. You can obtain services on as need basis, long term or short term. 

    Clerical Business Solutions~Quality service that is effective,

    efficient and accountable !!

    My Mission:

    To provide quality services that are effective, efficient & accountable. Provide customized services that meet my clients needs with responsibility, relevance, reliability & accuracy.

    I provide customized services to my clients according to the particular needs of each client. Providing sound business advice/ business consulting and/ or administrative/ back office support.

    Through hands-on service, my business management services can free my clients from the day-to-day administrative & business managment details that complicate their lives and keep them tied down from pursuing other interests. My clients can rest assure that their business management activities WILL BE KEPT IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.

    Business Management Services In:

    outsourcing, back office/ administrative support, project support, management, implementation & strategy.

    Business Consulting Services In:

    business development, daily operation/ management, strategy, project support, planning & implementation

    Wordprocessing, transcription: e-books, audio, manuscripts, letters, etc…., thesis/ dissertations/ manuscripts, social networking services (profile setup & or maintenance: updates, changes), unfinished assignments, business planning, strategy development, public relations support, travel/ event planning, reminder service/ calendar management, long term/ short term consulting…..


    Contact Clerical Business Solutions Today !!

    Contact Your Consultant Renee: clericalbusinesssolutions@gmail.com

    • Traveller 6:19 pm on June 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you! Very interesting article. I will visit this site often.

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