TQM Is For The Small Business

Contrary to what many may think TQM is for small businesses. Well what is TQM? For those that don’t know, TQM is total/ top quality management. Many may feel that only larger corporations have to implement or maintain TQM but that’s not the case, it’s for businesses large & small.

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TQM is a management process used in all kinds of business and public sectors as a means of achieving quality through feedback and awareness of customers’ needs.

Total = Quality involves everyone and all activities in the company.

Quality = Meeting Customer Requirements.

Management = Quality can and must be managed.

TQM = A process for managing quality; it must be a continuous way of life; a philosophy of perpetual improvement in everything you do.

You may be looking for new customers & trying to maintain the ones that you have, so in the midst of that: Are your competitors taking your best customers?

In order for a small business or entrepreneur to compete in this competitive business world, a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction programs are imperative. Think about “post-sale” customer satisfaction (or managing customer “dissatisfaction”) programs as a way to reinforce customers’ buying preferences for your products and services for their current and future purchases.

Make TQM the foundation for your business practices. It is the foundation for activities such as: