Improve Your Decision Making Skills For Greater Success

There are many skills that you need in order to maintain a healthy & thinkingcapwhoasuccessful business. But the skill of decision making is a very critical one and of utmost importance.  There is an art & science to making or forming the right decisions.

If you don’t make the right decisions for your business goals, you could crash & burn.  Sometimes you may need help & beneficial support to make the right decisions & accomplish your goals. That’s where strategic planning & business consulting could come in handy. Because every business or project needs a strategic plan & decision making skills.

Decision making in management is an important skill and making the right decisions is essential. Every ceo, professional, manager or individual should be looking to improve their decision making skills.

The process of corporate decision making is of the utmost importance for effective management. Your decision making process in management must be informed by expert knowledge and experience. No matter how skilled you may be with creative (and lateral thinking) techniques, if your focus is weak, the results will be weak or even useless.

Take time to properly define the problem. What is the issue to be covered? What is the problem? What decisions need to be taken?

You may feel like you have the solution to an obvious problem that you are facing. Then you may feel like there is no need for continued creative thinking.  Well you may be wrong,  there is a real need, because an adequate solution is not necessarily the best solution.

Too often, the adequate blocks the best. Once we have an adequate solution, we stop any further thinking. Partly, we do this because further thinking efforts would imply some doubts about our first solution, then you tend to accept many decisions as is.  You must be willing to weigh all options and think things through, dig a little deeper.

Yet there may be a simpler solution, a cheaper solution or even a solution that’s easier to implement. It is not a matter of a school exercise book problem where there is only one right answer and you cannot be more right than right.

It does require a great deal of discipline and confidence to go on looking for a possible better solution when you have one that would seem to work.  Some people are not disciplined enough to change their thinking or seek out new strategies.

Take a look at a few key steps in decision making:

  • Improvement
  • Forecasting
  • Decisions & Alternatives
  • Interpretations of Data
  • Habit & Disicipline


There are so many things that can be done to make improvements and many of those improvements can be simplified. Taking an avenue of creative effort should be obvious for improvements. Many things can be improved because nothing is perfect. The need for making decisions & problem solving can seem like a never ending cycle.

cycle1Since you can take a look at some of everything to improve on, this makes it difficult to focus on one specific task. You must develop a laser focus and pinpoint one task at a time because too many at once can be overwhelming and cause to you to accept inadequate solutions.

Many improvements can be made for speed, simplicity and cost, cutting down on waste and wide application; and acceptance. 

It’s natural that over time, for things to get complicated and you may even hit a few rough spots.  Take a look at  Business Process Improvement (BPI) which is a systematic approach to help any organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

BPI focuses on “doing things right” more than it does on “doing the right thing” & remains portable across various industries and functions. You can always learn from others about making improvements to your decision-making, your business & your operations. But develop your own individual creative & simplified approach to things. You need creativity to make your improvements or operations more competitive.


You will need creativity to look ahead into the future to see what might happen. The field might get very crowded. What are the costs of entry?

Looking ahead into the future almost always requires creativity. Forecasting is a decision-making skill & the process of estimation in unknown situations. Prediction is a similar, but more general term. Both can refer to estimation of time series, cross-sectional or longitudinal data. Analyze trends and predict by projecting past experience or known data.

You need to imagine how people and organisations will react to changes. You may have multiple scenarios, there is no one “right” scenario, learn to analyze & look at several. Prior knowledge of past data & situations can help you to dig a little deeper, be more creative & forecast better for the future.

Decisions &  Alternatives~
Pay a lot of attention to decision making. When it comes to decision making there may be some obvious alternatives. Then you may need creative thinking to discover the not-so obvious ones.  In an effort to move forward, sometimes you may have to design a way out or for completion in many situations.

Every decision making process produces a final choice.  The output can be an action or an opinion of choice. In life it can be difficult with so many alternatives & decisions to be made. Sometimes it is necessary to face these challenges to get a significant outcome.

Interpretation Of Data~

Many times you may use the interpretation of data to make decisions & design strategies. Steer clear of the danger zone of sticking to just one set of data. Dig deeper to find some alternatives or explanations to your present data.

Habit & Discipline~
Creative thinking can help with decision-making &  become a habit of mind so that we are always looking for possibilities. Ask yourself:

1. How do we do what we want to do?

2. What do we want to do?

In addition to the ‘habit’ of creative thinking, there is also the discipline. This involves making a determined effort. We set out to use a creative technique in a deliberate fashion. We can do this to determine a focus. We can do this to find a way of achieving a result. It is important to separate discipline from habit.

So take some time out to improve on your decision making today!!


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