Out With The Old, In With The New: Making Changes

Well one year has ended & another one has begun. Do you feel stagnate,  with little to no growth or success? Now is the time to put away the same old ways of doing things, refresh & renew.  Have you done that yet? Are youhome_body_picture embarking on something new for this year, for yourself or your buisness? During last year, did you make any new goals & plans for this year?

If you didn’t you should have, like 6 months ago. Well depending on how deep you are into your business, it may not be too late to implement something new, make some innovative new changes. Sometimes you may even have to start over, a complete makeover.

Right now it’s a time to look back, celebrate successes and look forward to new opportunities and challenges ahead. For many, this year will be one of our most challenging.

Because of the way the world has been lately with finances, debt, war etc… I’ve heard from some of my clients and others that they have this sense of  “we’re all in this together”. Somehow that feeling of  “sharing the pain”  has a way of easing the pain. 

In the business world you just may get left behind, if you are not innovative & creative with your goals & your business, your competition just may get ahead of you. If you are in business you want longevity, you should want to stand above the crowd, strive for success & greatness. So put your best foot forward and make it happen.

In order to make things better for yourself & your business you need a strategic plan of action & implementation.  Without it, how will you know where you are going? Every business or project needs a plan & a strategic one at that.

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to make things happen. Put it like this your “Comfort Zone” is a “Death Zone”. What I mean is that when you get used to doing something, the same way for a long time & you don’t try to stretch out & try something new, means that you are stagnate, you’re not growing.

That’s when you enter a “Death Zone”, it could mean death for your business or projects. Yes, you may enjoy doing certain things all the time, just make a little change, it doesn’t have to be huge. You should want to strive for greatness, something that will help you to stand above the crowd & create a better business.

Look to get out of your comfort zone & think outside of the box. Take on something challenging to better educate yourself & your staff. Yes, sometimes change may hurt, become irritating, it may be time-consuming or even challenging.  Sometimes those are the kind of hurdles that you have to face in order to reach success. You may have to tackle changes kicking & screaming but JUST DO IT! GO FOR THE GUSTO!

If you can’t go at it alone get someone to help, someone who will be with you for the long haul, through the ups & downs of changes.  Then to see your changes or goals become reality. It can lead to greater success if done correctly. When you break out of that same old way of doing things or add to them, you never know what greatness that you can achieve.

For myself, in the midst of making & learning about changes, it has become very rewarding & things seem a lot clearer.

1. I have learned that somethings can stay the same, need a little adjustment or challenge.

2. What has not worked in the past should be eliminated, adjusted or challenged.

3. In the midst of changes you will have ups & downs. Sometimes those are the kinds of hurdles that you have to face.

Take out some time to take a look at your business & your life. Are you growing? Are you succeeding? Does anything need adjusting or a complete over haul? Are you being true in  your business practices & for yourself? If not, consider what things will look like if you just get out of your comfort zone & make significant changes.

Get out your pen, your pad or your laptop, then jot down somethings that you can improve on or eliminate. Make it a plan, make it a strategic plan, with milestones for you to reach as you go along. Put it where you can see it everyday. Take some action & implement your strategic plan today!


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