Your Business Says “I Will Survive” 

You have to have your mind geared toward survival during the tough times in business. You want to be oneuntitled11 of the ones who comes out on top no matter what & you want longevity. In order to survive & obtain longevity it’s all in your mindset & actions. How do you react when times are tough? Do you let them take you under? Do figure out ways to fight back?

Once you get your mind right & redirect your thought patterns & actions then things will change and you can weather the storm. Because tough times in business can beat you down if you let them. Once you get your mind right, then you can think towards making needed improvements which lead to survival & success. In business you will have highs & lows. Are you going to stand & weather the storm?

Repeat After Me:


First you have to stop & think. Think about what is the 1st step in surviving the tough times. Many business owners like yourself seem to just relish over the good times in business but they don’t put much thought into the down times, tough times & how to handle them. So what’s the 1st thing that you should consider in the tough times of business? The first thing to consider is getting help.

Get beneficial support in the tough times and the up times from Virtual Assistant services. Virtual Assistant services can be the shoulder for you to lean on when times are tough, working with you to work out some of the problems that you may be facing, helping you to see things a little clearer by providing you with consulting, administrative support, business management, networking support, client management, marketing, start-up assistance etc…

thinkingThink about and learn how to spot the slow times, when they will occur & how they will affect your business. You need to know how to work around the tough times and make them work to your advantage. While others may fall apart during tough times, you’ll survive. In addition to surviving, you want to grow & prosper.

During the tough times you must find a way to supplement your income such as creating an ebook, other info products or freelancing etc… The revenue that you generate during slow times should be reinvested back into your business and also put some away for a “rainy day” savings, which is always a good idea. Even in the best industries a wise business person knows to plan for the tough times.

Aim to stay in the black during any business cycle, this entails turning to your customers for support. Adjust your business more to meet their needs. Step back and take yourself out of the mindset of what you do for a living such as being a coach, restaurant owner, accountant etc…

Ask yourself ” What does the local community want & how can your business fill that need? Focus on the needs that you can fill. Do periodic checks to see that you are not straying away from your focus.

  • Are your customers as happy as you’d like?
  • Do people find quality in your products or services?

If you said no or unsure then it’s time to rethink things, restrategize & implement a new plan. It’s possible to grow outside your core focus but to be really successful never lose sight of your focus.

To help aid you in the survival of the tough times:

1 Opt for Outsourcing

Consider outsourcing so you can offload some of your tasks, which give you more time to refocus, reorganize & get back on track. Consider outsourcing to Virtual Assistant services for support. You will benefit from the support that you’d receive from Virtual Assistance such as being able to reorganize, refocus & manage your business or projects better.

VA services helps you take the load off, so you can have more time for implementing new strategies, more time to focus on your clients or other aspects of life or business. When you have more time for your core business focus then you turn your down time into a more lucrative sales period which will put your business back on top month after month.

2. Focus & Plan

Implement a plan to supplement your income during the down times & through the  life of your business. Think about ways to augment (increase) your down time sales periods. You should be able to forecast an estimated time of when sales will be down and plan for them.

You should always have a down time plan in place. Document the slow times & plan for them. Which ever season that your sales slip, you can for example: offer discounts, provide gift cards, create info products, increase networking, give a free webinar etc…  That alone could pull in more business.

3. Focus On Value

Concentrate more on the value that you offer rather than products or services. When you break it down, what really matters is the value that you offer, your experience & benefits.

What do you bring to the table, besides products or services?

Focus on growth strategies & the benefits that you provide to your customers. If all else fails, value never fails. Your customers will remember your value & because of that they will remain loyal in any economy no matter what your competition is selling.

4. Be Quiet & Listen

You have got to learn to be quiet and listen to your clients. Do you have the patients to listen, think, then respond? Not jump to conclusions. Listen to what is going on & to what your customers say. You can do that by taking a survey of your clients likes & dislikes.

This will give you a guide as to what your strengths & weaknesses are. For example you can probe your clients by asking them “What comes to your mind when you think of my business?” & other questions.

If the majority of them mainly talk about your products, then it’s time for a change. Time for you to do something different. If they mainly talk about the value that you bring then you are on the right track.

Asking probing questions will give you a guide as to what you are doing right, wrong, what they think of your business & what they want. After that you can adjust your products or services to meet their needs & survive the tough times which will bring in year round success.