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If you work in the business world or you’re a business owner, there are times when you need assistance with managing your projects, day-to-day administrative office tasks, various personal or business tasks & help in implementing the steps that you need to stay on top of business. Then you may wonder where will you find the time, resources or help to manage it all.  A flexible, cost-effective, reliable business support provider is

Clerical Business Solutions-Virtual Assistant Services!

Many people hesistate to delegate & outsource their administrative office tasks or some business operations because they feel that they can do it cheaper themselves, hire a temp , hire additional employees (which can be very costly). By doing so only leads to more stress, more work, more work hours & not being able to stay on top of things. Also a temp is a transient solution.

Going virtual for your business support needs is the way to go. It is less costly than hiring additional staff. The benefits are numerous.

So, ask yourself, Why not put your administrative office tasks, routine or non-productive tasks (which are not your core business focus) into the hands of a professional like Clerical Business Solutions ?

A Virtual Assistant can help you to reduce lots of business expenses & business tasks which are not your core business focus.

Your ROI (return on investment) can = 400–500% , even for someone who makes $30,000-$40,000 a year. It’s only possible when you hand over your to-do list to a Virtual Assistant. “Let Me Handle All The Details, So You Don’t Have To !”

A Virtual Assistant & Business Consultant like Clerical Business Solutions can help you to manage & simplify your business operations better by:

  • helping to take the load off
  • helping to increase your business productivity, increase your efficiency
  • help you to relieve stress & become more organized
  • help you to eliminate the distractions
  • help you to streamline your business & increase your bottomline !

I provide “Solutions To Simplify Your Life & Business “, in a variety of services to help you manage your personal projects or business projects. A sample of the services available are secretarial services, grant writing, outsourcing/ overflow work, resume/ cv services, personal life management, email management, travel & meeting planning, thesis/dissertation/ manuscript typing, blog management, business start up assistance, article marketing, writing a press release and more.

Many businesses, executives, professionals & individuals are partnering with a cost-effective, reliable business resource: THE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT !!

  • Do You Need A Solution To Help Cut Back On Business Expenses ?
  • Do You Need An Assistant, BUT NOT In Your Home Or Office ?
  • Do You Need Extra Time To Focus On Other Aspects Of Life Or Business ?
  • Do You Want To Stay A Solo-Business Owner Or You Can’t Afford To Hire An In-House Assistant ?
  • Are You Stressed Out With Business Or Personal Tasks & Need Immediate Help ?
  • Do You Need Assistance With Your Current Staff In Overflow Work ?
  • Do You Need Assistance In Finding In-House Employees ?
  • Do You Want To Reduce Or Eliminate Employee Related Expenses Or Problems ?




Clerical Business Solutions services are available worldwide with no geographical restrictions. The more time that you spend on administrative office tasks the less time that you have to grow your business. “I do all the busy work so you don’t have to !” When you outsource to a Virtual Assistant your 8–16 hour workday can be reduced to 3–5 hours a day. Which will enable you to increase your business productivity, efficiency and your bottomline ! That’s right, Virtual Assistant services can help you to achieve a 4-hour work week.

You know that you are in need of cost-effective business help but you come up with a hundred reasons not to use a Virtual Assistant. When you work with Clerical Business Solutions:

  • you gain a partner in your business or projects, not an employee
  • you gain professional assistance at the click of the mouse
  • you gain someone who wants you to succeed in your business or projects, which is a great benefit to you

Now you can reduce all of tha hassles & responsibilities of an in-house employee or temp like:

  • federal, state & local government costs or responsibilites of an employee
  • you can reduce or eliminate someone wasting time on the job
  • you can reduce buying extra office space, equipment or training for an employee
  • reduce high employee turnover, employees being late to work & a host of employee related problems 

You don’t have to deal with those things when you work with a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is 100% focused on your business needs & Virtual Assistant services are tax deductible.

Do you want to know more about Virtual Assistant services, how they can work for you, how you can save time & money ?

Then contact your Virtual Assistant Clerical Business Solutions Today !!

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