Small Talk Can Save The Day!

One day a consultant named Jane Doe had a business meeting to attend with a difficult client, one which she dreaded going to. Jane knew that the Clerical Business Solutions www.clericalsolutionsinc.netdiscussion would be difficult or intense. As she was walking into her clients new office, she noticed photos of children and animals on the client’s desk. Then Jane Doe asked her client about the pictures.

Well the client just glowed with excitement to hear Jane ask about the pictures. Which turned out to be the clients nephews and family pets. For the moment it really changed the clients icy demeanor. “After a good conversation, we became pals, the meeting went smoothly enough till we were able to sort out and strategize a difficult situation,” says Jane Doe.

Small talk can save the day. Jane has used small talk ever since that meeting with a difficult client to build business relationships, contacts and keep clients happy.

When you are selling or marketing, learn how to break the ice with a client or difficult people by using small talk. You can turn small talk into an opportunity. WARNING!!, DON’T OVER DO IT.  As in being too fake/ phony, overly interested when starting small talk because people can tell if you are over doing it. Don’t patronize people. If you do this, it is possible that you can ruin the mood, the meeting or loose a client.

Once you learn the art of small talk and how to hold a conversation, you’ll be able to keep it going and build networking skills. It will leave a positive impression on your behalf. When you develop small talk conversation skills, it helps you to connect with clients, colleagues and customers without selling or “schmoozing”.

Small talk may seem pointless but you have to come to the understanding that it is the appetizer for relationships, its also a critical ingredient for business success. People do business with others who can solve their problems and make them feel good. It’s an advantage that small business has over large business.

So try some small talk today ! Try to meet new people often, it will be great visibility for your business and maybe create friendships along the way. You never know when a conversation can be an opportunity for success.

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