Face The Challenge: Deal With Mistakes & Failures 

As long as you are human, mistakes & failures are bound to happen. So you must be able to analyze them, learn a lesson from them and deal with them. No one person is 100% right all of the time, that’s right not a single one and no one will ever be.

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So, Do You Acknowledge Them, Accept Blame And Keep Moving On ? You can’t keep doing the same old thing or making the same old mistakes over & over again, then expect different & new results.

The first step to correcting a mistake is to acknowledge it. If a mistake has more than one person at fault, then everyone involved must take time to acknowledge it, no finger pointing, no screaming, no loud angry  communication, accept your part in the blame.

Once everyone accepts their blame, then get everyones input on what mistakes have happened without a big up-roar or finger pointing. Each person must now take charge to lead the way to find a solution by putting processes, systems or procedures together to keep it from happening again or lessen the chance of it happening again.

Everything should be done in a calm tone of voice, in a respectful manner towards each person, With No Sarcasm.” That will give you the ability to deal with the problem if it should arise again.

Stop finger pointing, meet in a middle ground on the situation, so you can work through this and get past this. Remember Communication Is Always Key. Without communication a problem may not get solved.

If the people involved in the situation won’t communicate with you or each other, then get someone to help you all communicate. Many times outside help can provide a solution.

When you are trying to fix mistakes, solve problems & innovating, they all need communication to achieve a positive outcome.  Don’t just sweep problems under the rug.  Talk about them, get them out on the table. If you work in a company or own a business, people want to know that they’re working for a company that does more than just talk. They want to work for a company that achieves results!