On The Rise To The Top And Counting!

Did you know that the Virtual Assistant Business is booming and on the rise to the top. There are over 4,000 Virtual Assistants and counting, today and everyday.


Virtual Assistants are independent business owners/ contractors, who provide outsourcing services and business management services in administrative/ office support and special business services such as: press release writers & distribution, resumes, typing, networking services, internet-marketing, business consultants, desktop publishing, bookeeping, office management, accounting, real estate, publishers, grant writers and more!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Virtual Assistant business took over the traditional role of an in-house employee, administrative assistant, receptionist, office manager etc…  in the next 10- 20 years or whenever. Who knows, but its more than just a passing fad it is a real career if you want to pursue this line of work. The Virtual Assistant will be the new way to do business and be an extention to your office.

Would you believe that some people still don’t know about Virtual Assisting? Well some people still don’t and it has been around for some 10 plus years. According to CNN.com and Kathie Thomas, a Virtual Assistant in Australia, states “The term virtual assistant is frequently not looked for because the general public are still not familiar with it”.

That is very true because if you don’t know about it then you won’t look for a Virtual Assistant. Maybe some people don’t use a Virtual Assistant because they maybe unsure about seeking their help for business/projects or how secure it maybe to work with a Virtual Assistant. Of course their are other reasons but that could be one.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t tried a Virtual Assistant, just contact one about the services that they provide or what you may need & ask one if they can assist you with your business or projects. Most of them are willing to answer your questions before you purchase their services.

CNN.com also states” Those in the industry say it is on the rise because it is cost effective and  The growth is fastest in the USA, medical practioners, legal practioners, realtors, public speakers, and corporate trainers are the most prominent users of V A’s “.


Of course there are a lot of other types of professionals and people that use a Virtual Assistants services. It costs less to use a Virtual Assistant than an in-house employee. Anyone can purchase services from a Virtual Assistant.

When I mention that I am a Virtual Assistant to some people the response is huh, what’s that ?, like you have to repeat it again. Then once I explain what it is and my business some say thats a great idea. Well that’s okay with me because I hand them my business card and it becomes free advertisement then I direct them to my website. Some people find it hard to believe that the Virtual Assistant industry exists.

One bad thing for the industry could be is if a lot of big corporations try to take over the VA~Virtual Assistant Industry, like a temporary service and make it seem as if the only way to get a good Virtual Assistant is through them. Hopefully that will never happen because it could diminish the look of some independent Virtual Assistants. Trust and believe there is room for everyone.

It’s okay to work for a company if that’s what you want to do or you may be unsure of working for yourself. Do what is best for you. I enjoy working as a Virtual Assistant and being my own boss. I plan to be in it for the long haul.


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